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  1. This is for July, but its fairyland contents applies to the text on a photo effect for this month. Your inhabitants are so darling with that attractive woodland and bridge setting. Love the sparkles. I could not pass this fabulous scene by. Hugs.
  2. Wonderful composition and use of your collective kits. Love the fairy placement as she gazes upon your bear. The sparkles are perfectly placed. Fabulous layout.
  3. This is truly inspiring and spiritually uplifting. Fabulous text effect within their romantic wedding photo display. Love the open bible and that glorious lighting effect. (Now, I know how to use them to its greatest advantage.) Definitely my favorite. Hugs.
  4. Jody, I just love the whimsical aura that your imaginative fairyland layout display. The fairies with that silhouette touch edge stroke create fantastic movement around your gorgeous fairyland. You rock!!
  5. Your ingenuity knows no bounds. Truly striking. I have to show this to my niece. She teaches dance to selected junior and senior students in the Baltimore County School system and also has her own dance studio.