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  1. pj17


    Sharing memories one page at a time....
  2. Thank you for this! Helped me to figure out how to use the masks and templates. Much appreciated!!!
  3. pj17

    We Are Family

    December 2016 Scrap Girls Club: VCR - The Family We Choose - QP4 - modified
  4. pj17

    Newsletter Challenge August 9th

    WOW! What a fantastic layout.
  5. pj17


    This is an eye catcher. Love it!
  6. Congratulations on your winning Weekly Layout - it's a beautiful page! http://scrapgirls.com/blog/

    1. pj17


      Thank you so much... Shock on my part!

  7. pj17

    Hello From New York City

    Thank you all for the warm welcome - back. I have been digi scrapping since 2004 but never quite got "into it". Last month I joined the 2 scrap clubs and I think I have finally found a place where I can be my own kind of creative. Now to just find the time! Thanks once again. Pam (PJ)
  8. pj17

    Natural Beauty

    This is beautiful. Love it!
  9. pj17

    Samuel J Puppydog

    Sam was our faithful companion for 17 years - missed dearly Supplies: BMU - Fall Into Copper - Paper - Fallish; EM - Mask EMA - Antiquities - JIFPlus - Glitter Mist; Flower Cluster SNU - Noteworthy - WordArt - Cherish, background removed
  10. pj17

    Forum Game - Travel

    This is a really great page. Makes me want to pack and go right now!
  11. I usually do not rush into things but I even surprised myself when I uploaded my first layout - 10 years since I first joined SG. Time and creativity have never been my strong points but I am determined to find the time now to scrap memories for my granddaughter and make those books I keep wanting to do. I have taken many classes, watched youtube videos, and read the tuts but always found an excuse not to move forward. The jiffy albums make it so easy to scrap and give me the push that I need. Plus, I love the scrap girls clubs and find I am looking forward to "playing" with their contents each month. Off to explore the galleries, and read the forum posts. Have a great Monday everyone Pam (PJ)
  12. pj17

    Extraordinary Ordinary

    Supplies: ABR - SSPaper - Capturing Life -Blender 6 ASO - Alluring Autumn - Emb_Clusters_5_b; Paper Blend SNU - Autumn Redux - WA-Ordinary