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  1. Lost_in_Scrap

    Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Clubs

    I just learned about this part of the forums from Angie and just wanted to say THANK YOU! to all of you who keep this up. It will be so valuable when I can't remember which club was which month when I sometimes forget to complete my downloads. And I hope it's okay to encourage the designers to put the name of the Club on the collective thumbnail of the Club. I'm sure many others than just me keep those thumbnails as visual reference and it would be so great to have the name of the "whole shebang" (Ex: "Awakening" or "Togetherness") on there (when there are combinations of items that don't bear the same them name especially). Anyway, Thanks so much. Laura in Seattle
  2. Lost_in_Scrap

    Weekend Challenge

    Beautiful! I love the way there are blue glow spots outside the frame too.
  3. Lost_in_Scrap

    Christmas Boutique Hunt 2016

    HI Ladies, This is the one scrapping activity my husband loves doing with me in the year. We got busy and had to give up just a few objects shy of the whole wreath, so I'd really appreciate knowing where the last mysterious items were. Is there already a page somewhere with the answers? IF not, maybe one of you has the memory to give a me a hand on these - going clockwise around the wreath: Candy canes wooden (coin?) with stocking Red/white star Red Heart Hanging Bells Thanks so much, and thanks to Scrapgirls for continuing this fun tradition.