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  1. Techie arriving in a couple of hrs - talk of re-installing OS :( What do I NEED to back up??

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    2. Sara Arell

      Sara Arell

      Everything, Jan! Everything! What Becky said!

    3. lorac


      Just what Sara and Becky said, everything.

    4. Bride


      Don't forget important emails, and email addys!

  2. Hi Lei!

    I got all my Styles loaded - hurrah!

    I could not figure out where/how to add you as a friend - there have been a lot of changes on this board in my absence more learning curves - anyway you seem to have done it for us as you do appear right at the top of my friends list!

    Now to scrap!

  3. Unless some kind angel using PSE 8.0 has some help to offer - am going to have to uninstall and start all over again;

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    2. CanJan


      lorac: just saw your query - Do You use PSE 8.0 ??? Rose Ann has spent a lot of time trying to help me load SG Styles - nothing has worked; and now I just bout a new collection of Type Shapes SNU-Brackets and I cannot figure them out either. In PSE5 I just had to triple click and type my words - nothing seems to work in 8.0 <sigh>


    3. Sara Arell

      Sara Arell

      Hi Jan! I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you've been. I've missed you on the mb! Sending you hugs this morning!

    4. Sara Arell

      Sara Arell

      Thinking about you this morning, Jan! Hope all is well with you?

  4. CanJan

    CJ's Place

    Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks?
  5. Took me forever, but I started one day before deadline <sigh> still struggling with some aspects of PSE 8 and a mixed up computer. Decided to just highlight one flower! Original photo Straigtened, cropped and triplicated; bottom layer, added Sepia tones and underpainting texture; next layer I carefully selected the brick wall and the flowers removing the white door (badly in need of a coat of paint) and slid BHA_Stylize_Special_12x12_Scratched; behind then played with the layers, choosing linear burn. The layer had the bottom part of that same left side cut away to keep the darkened tones of the background layer. The cut-away flowers were duplicated as a top layer and YES a small bevel and shadow to make them "POP" Underneath I added an aged linen_grunge overlay; journaling done on BHA_SSEmb_Special_KeepCard_Remembrance using Chopin Script and Bookman Old Style fonts. I wanted to leave the brick untouched as I thought it added to the "Old Fashioned" theme. TFL Journaling: Old-fashioned bleeding heart: Definition: kind, sparing Synonyms: all heart, beneficent, benign, benignant, charitable, clement, compassionate, condoning, easygoing, feeling, forbearing, forgiving, generous, gentle, gracious, heart in right place, humane, humanitarian, indulgent, kindly, lenient, liberal, merciful mild, pardoning, pitiful, pitying, soft*, softhearted, sympathetic, tender, tenderhearted, tolerant I think we have a lot of SG Bleeding Hearts by definition! CJ
  6. The photo on the front is mine - I call it Blue Moon; the inside was mostly clipart - time being of the essence.
  7. Our 2010 Christmas card (Front) Will post details later, just anxious to find something that still works after my enforced absence!
  8. I'm Lost in SG's - How is that possible?

  9. Has lost unlimited WEB usage & confined now to when I can find WIFI - I miss my SG Newsletters & Freebies

    1. AnnB


      We miss you too Jan!

  10. CanJan

    Delina and I

    This is beautiful Renee! Especially love the background photo and the sincere journaling. Your love for your sister shines through your whole album! Thanks for sharing!
  11. CanJan

    Growing Delina

    Cute Layout using Circles, Squares (Love the buttons!) and even Triangles ! Well done!
  12. Wonderful Quote to go with the fun picture! Welcome to Scrap Girls Renee!!
  13. Celebrating - US!!!! Squeezed in between Canada Day & July 4th celebrations, Gord & I celebrated our 50th anniversary! The family took us to the Mandarin chinese buffet to celebrate Main background: DSC0012 of butterflies hanging from ceiling, duplicated, ghosted and luminosity layer setting Using the "River2" shape (PSE5) I selected and cut the corners reserved for the patriotic bits. Canada Day: Background: ldzRedKnitPaper (freebie Canadian Collection) Cut out 2 Maple leaves in white, bevelled one, the other I selected, modified/contracted the selection to leave a white border, inverted & deleted centre and slipped a piece of clip art of fireworks over the Ottawa parliament buildings in behind. The Queen is courtesy Canada Post, a postage stamp issued in 2009. She and the Peace Tower in Ottawa are painted through using a layer mask at different opacities. Word Art "Proudly" & "Canadian" are from the ldz Canadian Extras collection. I admit to doing this corner three times but I think I am half satisfied now. July 4th: This just fell into place when I found the clipart of Flag & eagle, and when I slipped it behind the cutout I saw why I had chosen the "River" shape - LOL it was a proudly waving flag!! USA: - Horizontal type mask tool using Goudy Stout font on a red, white & blue layer. JWH_AmericanCity_WordArt_Special (Liberty)/CBA_SSTools_Glitter_4102_Gold MAD_Flag_Emb_TriColor-star/July 4th font/embeded Celebrate: LD_AmericanLove Anniversary Theme: 3 more photo's (admit the one of Gord & I was taken by daughter using my camera) The Balloons were another photo added with a layer mask and to my surprise the luminosity layer style took all the colour out - which was good because this was getting way to cluttered and I did not know how to hold the three elements together. I re-did the "50" on the top Balloon though; LD_AET_CutItOut font with CBA_SSTools_Glitter_4102_Gold applied. The parasols were another decorative feature of the Mandarin restaurant selected and cropped from photo DSC009 It still felt like 3 separate scraps and needed something to "hold it together" (Ideas appreciated) after trying several overlays I felt this one help a lot to blend the colouring and physically hold them together around the edges. CBARBER_Whatever_Overlay_Freebie! Additional Fonts: SNAP ITC, Myriad Pro TFL
  14. Striking a blow for all us SG Diabetics - What a topic! CANDY!!! Well at the moment I have latched onto BASKIN ROBINS - Sugar Free Hard Candy in Ice Cream Flavours!!! How Good is that!!!!???? I'm all out of Mint Choc Chip, but I'm eating my way through Pralines and Cream and been planning all month to do this; but here I am on the tail end after yet another hospital trip, just throwing something together, because someone has to stand up for us DM sufferers who have been drooling over the entries to date! <Grin> Here's a sample - but the Pralines & Cream have brown stripes with white writing. http://www.groovycandies.com/pc/catalog/4445_General.jpg Fonts: Snap IT; Segoe Script LCO_Fairy Princess_FairyDust @ 34% Hard Square Brush used for name banner, smaller brush for white border Photo was duplicated, bottom layer blurred (Gaussian) then a mask used to paint original through. Added a Glow to the cropped picture of her cake EHI_AYO_PreciousGirl_roundtag1 ??_Heritage_Brad CKA_WordArt_CUTE (It's so good to be able to scrap again!)
  15. Really lovely Joyce!!! Love the way your new friend is peeking between the fence boards, and your whole color choices and blending. I too might steal an idea or two - always love your work!
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