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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. EdelineM


    This is animation LO so click on the thumbnail to see the animation.. hihihi Scrap Girls Ingredients: * Sun Tea Collection Biggie * Blossoms & Blooms - Spring Embellishment Biggie * Stitches Embellishment Biggie * Winter White Collection Biggie Other Ingredients: * Font - DSP Pollyanna
  3. EdelineM

    Adorable Twins

    These adorable twins are Melissa Renfro's babies .. Thanks girl for giving me the permission to use your photos Smile credits: Bear Necessities Collection - Mary Fran of NitWit Collections available at nitwitcollections Store wings: Lie Fhung from Soaring's Kit fonts: LB Shindig
  4. EdelineM

    Boys Will Be Boys

    Scrap Girls Ingredients: * Pretty Primavera Biggie Collection * For The Love Of Cardboard * Scrap Simple Fancy Folds * Frame Job Embellishment * AMC Friendly Font Other Ingredients: * Font - Selfish * Font - Romantically Yours
  5. credits: Assemblage Affection Cardboard Scrap Simple Tool Action Photo Pop Grunge Texture 1 Scrap Simple Embellishment Templates: Curled Edges all available at SCRAP GIRLS BOUTIQUE fonts: Mesquate std - Azimet
  6. this is beautiful Thess..
  7. Scrap Girls Ingredients: * Extinct Collection Biggie * ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates - Layered: Frame It! Edgy 2 Other Ingredients: * Font - Azrael * Font - Birch
  8. EdelineM


    awww so gorgeous..
  9. EdelineM

    ~Easter Treat~

    wow i'm hungry now.. this is beautiful Beth
  10. oh my this is adorable
  11. love the fold.. this is pretty
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