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  1. What a gorgeous page. Love the clustering and unique page design. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  2. What a cool page. I need to check out those frames. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  3. beatricemi


    How absolutely adorable. Love the title work. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  4. What a cool page. I can knit but just can't seem to learn to crochet. I'm impressed. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  5. It's difficult to pick a favorite from my own gallery but I do like this one. I really prefer to focus on the photos so pocket pages are perfect for that. They also give me the opportunity to add some of the gorgeous items from the kits/collections. I like the idea of a monthly thread also. I'll be back later with a favorite another layout artist.
  6. Aimee Harrison Celebrate Collection Aimee Harrison Duality Collection Weekend Wildcard 8/8 TFL
  7. t’s the 8th month and the 8th day of that month so my challenge for you today is to use 8 in your layout. You may choose to highlight the number 8, use exactly 8 of something for example 8 photos, 8 papers etc. I think you get the idea. Just post your questions in this thread if you find my wording confusing. Once your layout is complete post it in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery and come back here with a link to your page so we can leave you some love! Here is my page Celebrate 8 I can’t wait to see yours!
  8. Looks really cool. I have a notebook with page protectors of negatives. Maybe I'll give it a try. I don't know though- just one more reason to love digital!
  9. beatricemi

    Faith Is The Light

    Lovely page- selective framing is perfect.
  10. Such cute pages! Welcome to Scrapgirls!
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