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  1. Well now, That is something I've never experienced. Sound really cool. Love your page design and awesome photos. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  2. My goodness. What a gorgeous photo. Love the half doily. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  3. Such a sweet photo. Love the white space design. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  4. beatricemi

    Week 8

    What an awesome page design, Your photos and journaling work so well here. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  5. Such adorable photos. Love your design and the landscape format. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  6. I am also looking forward to the tutorials. I agree about using masks and making them seamless with the rest of the page. I would love to learn about that and all of the other suggestions here.
  7. Sorry to say I have not figured out a way to eliminate my problem. I did check with Barbara who is a member here and she was the one that let me know the software was on sale. She has the exact same problem and reverted to her previous version of the software. I contacted Adobe about it. I just don't understand why I can't find any chit chat about it on the web. I assume a lot of scrappers use PSE but maybe not many upgraded? I really want an answer though because it's taking much longer to create a page with all these errors. I'll keep updating this thread in case any other user is looking for help.
  8. Love how you created the background paper. Thanks for sharing your method. Such a sweet photo, Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  9. I really love this sweet page. The framed heart is such a great touch. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  10. Very cool page. I love the photo treatment. Congrats to him. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  11. Such a pretty page albeit a gruesome story. Love the variety of frames you used. Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  12. Kimeric Kreations Value Pack: In the News Aimee Harrison ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Mixed Up #1 Weekend Wildcard 2/25 TFL
  13. Your challenge today is to use neutral colors for your background. Examples of neutral colors include beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white. I like using neutral colors because anything goes when it comes to photos and embellishments. They also work well for my simple style. Once your page is complete post it to the weekend challenge gallery here: gallery Come back to this post and leave a link to your page. Don’t forget the February Challenge Chase here: challenge chase , where you can earn credit toward a coupon. Here is my page. I can't wait to see yours! Jacob's Birthday 2023
  14. beatricemi


    I especially like the way you tied down the umbrella! Lovely page.
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