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  1. beatricemi

    Good Mood

    So pretty!
  2. beatricemi

    weekend wildcard challenge

    Why did I think komodo dragons were small??? That is an awesome photo and I love that you kept it large with the mask. Perfect use of the fasteners too. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  3. beatricemi

    Time to get cozy

    Love your clean design. Great use of the clip, twine and stitching. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  4. beatricemi


    Love the glitter around the photos. That cluster including the scarecrow is jut adorable!
  5. beatricemi

    Look I have lipstick!

    Oh my goodness what a darling photo. I love the back and white with the colorful borders. That dangling cluster is so perfect and I love how you attached the journal card. Great challenge layout!
  6. beatricemi


    I hope the hurricane didn't cause too much damage there. Your journaling is so interesting I l loved reading it. Your layout design is just lovely- especially the texturized large photo with the smaller photos on top. Great challenge layout!
  7. beatricemi

    Love Blooms Here

    Such sweet photos. I love the hexagons and your fastening is perfect. Great challenge layout!
  8. beatricemi

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge-fastners

    I love the palette. The way you used the fasteners on both the large and small photos is just perfect. That floral cluster in the corner is amazing. Great challenge layout!
  9. beatricemi

    Wildcard Weekend Challenge for Sept. 22

    Thanks! I'm excited to be here and on the committee.
  10. beatricemi

    Great Grandma's Birthday

    How sweet. Love the vintage elements.
  11. What a sweet page. Love the large blend and the way you used the swirly string. My DGS(s) visited a farm and I have lots of goat photos! Thanks for playing in the challenge.
  12. beatricemi

    weekend wildcard challenge

    Wow- this quilt looks amazing. I really like all the themed elements you combined. Beautiful.
  13. beatricemi

    September Challenge Chase

    Week 3: At the Zoo
  14. One thing I always look for in a collection is fasteners. I don’t like my elements to appear to float on the page. Most of the time I use staples especially if the particular kit doesn’t have any fasteners. I can always find a staple in my stash. Your challenge is to use a fastener (or as many as you like) that is not a staple. Think about buttons, ribbons, clips, notebook fasteners and the list goes on. Please upload your layout to the weekend challenge gallery and add a link here so we can see your gorgeous page and leave you some love. Here's my page: At the Zoo
  15. Aimee Harrison Mixed Up 1 Template Set Aimee Harrison on Safari Value Pack For the Weekend Wildcard Challenge I used stitches, a button and banner to secure my photos to the page. TFL