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  1. beatricemi

    Beatrice's Gallery

    Dagi's Temp-tations new release Four Seasons 2 Template Set Veronica Spriggs Winter Solstice Collection TFL
  2. beatricemi

    Bedroom Renovation

    You have the perfect photos and story to feature in the challenge. I really like your page design, especially that dripping paint brush be the title-work. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  3. beatricemi

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge January 8th

    Off to a great start. Lots of options with templates I love how you can adjust and combine them.
  4. beatricemi

    8 Jan - Chinatown

    What a lovely page. I like that you combined templates. I rotated the photo spots on the template I chose. I just love the versatility. Your page design is perfect for showcasing your photos. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  5. beatricemi

    December 2018

    Love your double pager- the gingerbread houses are so adorable and I love all your other decorations. You used one of my favorite collections. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  6. beatricemi

    Picture Pictures

    Wow- you outdid yourself on this challenge. I love all your photos and that awesome border down the side. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
  7. beatricemi

    Sneak Peek 1/11

    I'm ready to shop!!!
  8. beatricemi

    First Swim

    Aimee Harrison Joyeux Collection Aimee Harrison Blocked Template Set For the 1/8 Tuesday Newsletter Challenge: Multi-photo Layouts TFL
  9. Good morning. It’s time for the second newsletter challenge for January. Today’s challenge is to create a multi-photo layout. I checked the dictionary to be sure I defined it correctly and I think it would be acceptable to submit a layout with more than one photo. I personally almost always do multi-photo layouts. If you struggle with this, you might want to check the shop for templates with multiple photo spots: Templates I’m certain you can find something to inspire you. Once you have your layout post it to the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery and come back here with a link so we can ooh and aah over your page. I can’t wait to see what you do. Here is my page: First Swim
  10. BMU Shabby Bakery Collection Recipe card from Angie Briggs for 2018 Cookie Swap January Recipe Swap: Slow Cooker TFL
  11. beatricemi

    My words

    Love how you laid out all your words and that stack of stones is the perfect photo!
  12. beatricemi

    *All New* January 2019 Recipe Swap

    I'm in. I thought I posted but I don't see my reply. I'm not sure if you can really count this as a recipe but I typed out how I make pot roast Slow Cooker Pot Roast
  13. beatricemi

    January Recipe - Slow Cooker

    Such a pretty card and that recipe sounds yummy!
  14. beatricemi

    Welcome Laitha Art Studio

    Welcome to Scrapgirls! You know I love your designs.
  15. beatricemi

    Daughter's July

    Gorgeous- love the sketchy look and the open book concept.