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  1. beatricemi


    Aimee Harrison Free Fallin’ available at: Scrapgirls Aimee Harrison Blocked 3 Template Set available at: Scrapgirls TFL
  2. beatricemi

    Fall at Elizabeth Park

    Aimee Harrison Free Fallin’ available at: Scrapgirls Aimee Harrison Singular 2 Template Set available at: Scrapgirls TFL
  3. beatricemi

    November Challenge Chase - This is the last one!

    #Challenge. Grateful for grandchild #7: Abbey 1 Month
  4. beatricemi

    Beatrice's Gallery

    Dagi's Temp-tations new release Four Seasons 2 Template Set Veronica Spriggs Winter Solstice Collection TFL
  5. beatricemi


    Congrats on the GSO!!
  6. Late here but I agree with all the others though sadly it seems not many mail cards any more. Either that or we've been struck from the list lol.
  7. beatricemi

    NL Challenge Nov 6

    Is it a scary ride? Love the way you used the spotlight to highlight your page! The vertical design is great! What a fun story.
  8. beatricemi

    Birthday Surprise

    Oh my goodness. Who would know looking at the photo. What a pretty page and I loved your story!
  9. beatricemi

    Fun With Friends

    Love that tripe stitching. Great story and sweet photo. Thanks for playing in the challenge!
  10. beatricemi

    Tuesday Newletter Challenge-Tell-a-story-grafiti

    Wow- that is very cool. I love how you did your title work. Perfectly scrapped!
  11. beatricemi

    November Challenge Chase - This is the last one!

    I'm in! Here is my week 1: With You
  12. beatricemi

    With You

    SNU Big Titles Template Set BMU Anchors Collection For the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge (11/6) TFL
  13. I’m sure you have heard the expression a picture is worth a thousand words but for this challenge we want to see the words. Create a layout using at least one photo and give us the details. You are probably familiar with the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why. You can use those prompts to help you with your journaling. Post your layouts in the Tuesday Newsletter Gallery, with a link back here in this thread. HERE is my layout. I can't wait to see your pages and read your story!
  14. beatricemi

    In Love.jpg

    Oh my- I love your new puppy too! Love the brush you used in the corner and how you colored it to match the paper colors.
  15. beatricemi

    Camera photography ?

    I have taken classes and watched you tube until I can't stand anymore but I'm still too nervous to take my camera off auto. I figure I only have one shot at getting the photos because the kids grow and change and it's not like you can have a do-over for a birthday party or school graduation. I have a really old canon dslr that I drag out only occasionally. Mostly I use by i phone which really I bought for the camera lol. I also have a small canon point and shoot but I rarely use it. In the end it's all about the light no matter what you use to take photos. If all my photos could be taken outdoors they would be a lot better!