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  1. beatricemi

    Question about AFT sale

    Ok- thanks Angie!!
  2. How do you get the free kit for purchasing $10 of product? Thanks!
  3. beatricemi

    Weekly Winners July 16th

    Congrats. Gorgeous pages!
  4. beatricemi

    World Tour 2018 Belarus Columbus IN

    I love that game- we played is in the neighborhood when I was growing up. Amazing statue- beautifully scrapped.
  5. beatricemi

    DRB_BeachDay_JudyW sm.jpg

  6. beatricemi

    Weekly Winners July 9th

    Wow- so excited to have won. congrats to princessrunningfingers too!
  7. beatricemi

    July Challenge Chase

    Hashtag-Wave Pool 2018
  8. beatricemi

    Beatrice's Gallery

    Dagi's Temp-tations new release Four Seasons 2 Template Set Veronica Spriggs Winter Solstice Collection TFL
  9. beatricemi

    July Challenge Chase

    Week 2: Pool Side
  10. beatricemi

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 7/10/2018

    Pool Side
  11. beatricemi

    Pool Side

    Brandy Murry Sweet Summer Collection For the 7/10 newsletter challenge Sketch by Laura Whitaker nla TFL
  12. beatricemi

    Pedal to the Metal

    Amazing. Love all the metal and that photo treatment is awesome!
  13. beatricemi

    Adding Linked credits to Gallery images?

    Ok- I'll try that. I've noticed quite a few layouts with missing credits so maybe others are having the same issue. Thanks for your help!!!
  14. beatricemi

    The 5 Year Pie #Food

    I had to open this one up so I could read your story. I love the combination of the large photo and the extractions. Great page.
  15. I just uploaded an image to the gallery and added all the linked credits but when I view the image the credits were gone. So I tried to add the credits by editing the image but I could only add the first two and then I was grayed out. What is the best way to add linked images. TIA