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  1. beatricemi


    Just perfect!
  2. beatricemi

    SRO_BlendedBotanicals_Andrea 2

    So adorable! Love your font combo for the title/journaling.
  3. Love your photos with the quote. That border works just right on your page!
  4. beatricemi

    WW Challenge, March 16th

    Wow- your extraction is perfect and you used the inspiration in just the right way!
  5. beatricemi

    Love to be with you

    Love how the colors complement your beautiful photo! Such a perfect page.
  6. beatricemi


    Thanks so much! It's always exciting to get a GSO which happens to me almost never lol.
  7. beatricemi

    Believe in your dreams

    Gorgeous- the quote is perfect!
  8. beatricemi


    So pretty. Love the pops of hot pink flowers!
  9. beatricemi

    March Challenge Chase

    Weekend 3/9: Spring Green (4th challenge)
  10. beatricemi

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 3-9

    Here's mine: Spring Green Love this challenge!
  11. beatricemi

    Spring Dream

    Aimee Harrison Designs True North Collection available at: Scrapgirls Aimee Harrison Quilted Template Set available at: Scrapgirls Weekend Challenge 3/9 TFL
  12. beatricemi

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge-Green

    So pretty. Love your masking!
  13. beatricemi


    Tami Miller Designs Create Happiness Aimee Harrison Blocked 3 Template Set March Challenge 1: Large Title TFL