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  1. kabrak1207

    It's A Good Life

    Photo courtesy of Pixabay Credits: Tami Miller Designs' Love Life Collection
  2. kabrak1207

    Big Smiles

    A photo of our dgd Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' Beautiful Life Collectionirls
  3. kabrak1207

    Inspire Motivate

    Photos of our dd as a little girl and as a dance instructor Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' Pocketful Template Set 2irls Aimee Harrison Designs' 360 Life January 2019: Motivate Collectionirls
  4. kabrak1207

    Celebrate Family

    Photos of my Grandpa with his twin sister and his car Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' Patterns A Plenty Templates Set 3irls Aimee Harrison Designs and Tami Miller Designs' Family Is Forever - Sgirls
  5. kabrak1207

    Be Kind

    This is a photo of my younger sister. She was the kindest person I think I will ever know. I always thought we'd grow old together, but I lost her to cancer when she was 35. Credits: Tami Miller Designs' Words To Live By: Kindness Collection
  6. kabrak1207


    A photo of my Mom shortly after she embraced moved to the farm Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' A Bygone Era Collection
  7. kabrak1207


    A photo from the family stash Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' A Bygone Era Collection
  8. kabrak1207


    A photo of one of my ornaments. Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' Gingerbread Playhouse Collection Template by Cindy Schneider
  9. kabrak1207


    This picture was taken nearly 40 years ago. . .our daughter showed up unexpectedly 9 days before Christmas. I was going on very little sleep and that dang camera came out when I was trying to get one to go to sleep and one to keep her hands to herself!!! Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' Baby Mine Collectionirls Template by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
  10. kabrak1207

    This Makes My Heart Happy

    A photo of me on a long ago Sunday afternoon!!! Credits: Tami Miller Designs' Do What You Love Collection
  11. kabrak1207

    Snow Beautiful

    A photo from my backyard Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' Snow Beautiful Collection Aimee Harrison Designs' Singular Template Set 2
  12. kabrak1207

    Glorious Autumn

    Photos from the area pumpkin patch Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' Fruit Of Life Collection
  13. kabrak1207


    A photo of our dd from her dance days Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' 360 Life January 2019: Motivate Collectionirls
  14. kabrak1207

    Happy Little Girl

    A photo of me standing by the horse pasture. Credits: Tami Miller Designs' Country Charm Kit
  15. kabrak1207

    Merry Christmas

    Photo courtesy of Pixabay Credits: Aimee Harrison Designs' Christmas Blessing Collection Template by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs