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  1. I KNOW! It's shameful! I'll work on it today. Maybe I'll assign one of the kids to clean the kitchen so I can scrap.....
  2. So ladies, my monkeys are rioting instead of doing their chores. So I am going to go encourage them to scrub their bathrooms. But I will check in periodically if anyone has any questions about strokes. Or about anything else. Thank you all so much for coming! Have a great day!
  3. We were fine. It flooded the main streets around us but our neighborhood didn't flood at all. But the loss here has been pretty intense. Our church flooded and a lot of homes in my kid's school boundaries did as well. I am glad your daughter didn't flood.
  4. Hooray! I'm so glad you stayed. Kitchen counters will always wait.
  5. Oops! I got ahead of my self. Has everyone had time to play with the alpha section of the tutorial as well before we move on?
  6. So - here are a couple things that I didn't include in the tutorial. You can just stroke a selection, you don't just have to put one around an item. You can draw a rectangle or oval using the marquee tool, make a new layer, and apply your stroke to that layer. Or if you want to put a stroke around a photo, but no actually attach it TO the photo layer, you can select the photo (CTRL+Click on the photo in the Layers Palette and it will put marching ants around your photo), make a new layer, and then make a stroke. That makes it easier to delete if you change your mind later.
  7. Okay ladies! I think it's been 10-ish minutes. Does anyone have any questions so far?
  8. Aren't strokes the best? I honestly can only think of a few pages that I've ever done where I didn't use a stroke at some point.
  9. It's about 10 pages long. Starting with a picture of a girl and a horse, ending with a page with two sample layouts.
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