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  1. Brrr... cold outside this morning! Definitely an "oatmeal for breakfast kind of day.

    1. CRS


      Hey Becca! Good to see you! It's cold down here in MD, too!

    2. teecee


      Hi Becca-Great to see you! Cold here in South Central PA too.

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      Chlly here too. The good thing about a chilly morning is that it makes for a sunny day.

  2. Becca, I love your new avatar! It's always so good to see you on the mb! I know how busy you stay so it's always a treat to see you on here from time to time! I miss chatting with you and I hope all is well at home and that things are going well for you! Just wanted to say hi!

  3. I absolutely <3 this layout!!!
  4. Bowser looks so much like my "AJ!" Great layout, Conda!
  5. My new 2TB EHD came yesterday, so I spent some time organizing my photos. Know what I found? The photos I took with my cell phone were the best scrap-worthy ones, because they were caught "in the moment", rather than when I expected to get some great shots and had the "real" camera out.

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    2. laurielou56


      I've found that too but the quality of the pictures on my phone is not that great.

    3. Becca


      Laurie, I have that, too. But for every 10 poor photos, I get a good one. And even the poor ones can be worked over with a little Photoshop/Lightroom magic.

    4. Becster


      I love my cell photos! Now that I have a better phone, the camera is almost as good as any point and shoot! The only drawback is the quality when I zoom in.

  6. Great job on your 2013 calendar, Lori! I used Jen's templates last year, and they were a joy to work with! So quick and easy to use!
  7. Getting ready for the storm here, too! Be safe, everyone!

    1. AggieB


      Hang in there!

    2. LaLo1103


      Hope you come through it unscathed!

    3. CRS


      Stay safe, Becca!

  8. Becca, I wanted to tell you how beautiful you are in your avatar photo! You look so young and healthy, too! You are such an inspiration!

    hugs, Gayle

  9. I love the colors on here and that chalk border!
  10. I honestly think somewhere in my stash of photos is a very similar photo of my brother and I when we were young! Great layout, Sue!
  11. Such an excellent reminder for us all!
  12. Absolutely love this ATC, Melanie!
  13. Becca

    Newsletter 10oct12

    I love how the orange ribbon mimics the movement of your son sliding down this pole, Jody! Great LO!
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