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  1. I have used 2 printers for the last couple of years. I use one (Canon MG7720) for cards and the other (HP Envy 4520) for most everyday things. On Monday I finished printing a pile of cards then realised that I had forgotten one. I went to print, made sure the Canon was selected, pressed Print...and it printed to the HP! I have tried my other software (Word, etc) and it goes to the Canon when that is chosen but in PSE after choosing the Canon, it prints to the HP! Has anyone any suggestions? (i've uninstalled/re-installed the Canon). I don't want to do that with the HP unless that's the only suggestion because that one is a real pain to set up! Molly McLeod
  2. Thank you, Belle. That did the trick!
  3. I have recently upgraded to PSE15. I have two questions. Has anyone come up with a solution to Adobe's "refusal" to fix the history list (getting to the 20 last edits)? I used the solution given on this site but after a few days it stopped adding the newest ones (as noted in the answers given some time ago!). This question is also relating to a point of irritation! When in the Text tool you click on the arrow beside the name of the font and the display list comes up. In previous editions o PSE there was a little arrow at the top of the tool panel. If you clicked on it you could choose to make the display names small, medium or large. Does anyone know where this is in the current edition? I cannot locate it anywhere and I can hardly see the names. Mary McLeod
  4. Have you looked at your preferences? In edit/preferences/saving files, at the bottom it listed how many recent files you have listed. If the number has somehow been reduced to zero that might have something to do with the problem.
  5. mhm45

    printing cards

    As far as I can tell, it's more of a problem with HP printers because in their printers released in the last couple of years they have taken out the option to create custom sized prints. A very bizarre move in my opinion and I sent them an email expressing my concern. Canon, on the other hand, has kept this option in just about all their printers as far as I have been able to check. If I end up having to buy a new printer I'm guessing it'll be a Canon!
  6. I usually create my own cards using the 10 x 7 size (A7). To do this I have to set a custom size in my printer (HP Envy 4520). Now it's gone crazy and prints half a card or starts printing part of the way through so that a white band is at the end. HP printers no longer allow you to set up a custom print within the printer. You have to use a Windows 10 setup. I'm wasting paper and ink and getting nowhere. Has anyone else had problems? Can anyone suggest a printer that prints cards to custom measurements?
  7. I am still deciding about the upgrade to W10.One thing that concerns me is whether or not my printers will be compatible. They are both older printers but I don't want to replace them yet. Is there some way to check?
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