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  1. I have used PS Elements for years, but for a long time now, it has bogged down my computer so that just clicking on something would produce the spinning wheel of death for several minutes. (I have macbook pro.) My son showed me how to use the spotlight (at the top of the screen on the taskbar) to turn off some Adobe programs that ran in the background, which helped immensely. But not enough. So I subscribed to the Adobe photography program to see if PS and Lightroom would have the same effect. I find that I can have them on for hours without any slowing down at all! However, lightroom is wonderful for editing and cataloging photos, but not digital supplies. So now I'm thinking that maybe I can use Bridge for the supplies, Lightroom for the photos and PS for the designing? I just think it's more than I want to spend time on. Any suggestions? Maybe just Bridge and PS? I liked Elements, but I don't want to waaaait for it to work.