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  1. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 06/21

    Just saying I love it when you do this, Angie!
  2. Smiles


    Adding my Welcome to Scrap Girls! If you hang out here much, you can't help but be inspired!
  3. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 06/15

    a guest designer? something new!
  4. Smiles

    Book Your Ticket

    Don't forget to stock up on sunscreen!
  5. Smiles

    Computer crashed, lost tons of files

    My tech guy was able to recover everything from a hard drive that crashed, and it cost maybe a third of what you quoted. He has the super machine that can do it - he does a lot of business work, so maybe it was worth his while to get it. I would call around for some quotes. Good luck!
  6. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 05/23

    I spy pretties in there!
  7. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 05/18

    Some lovely goodies here!
  8. oh, I love this idea! Much more cozy than a hotel. Not this year, tho, alas
  9. Smiles

    New in the design Shop!

    Good things the shelves never go bare at Scrap Girls!
  10. Smiles


    Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us!
  11. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 04/06

    love these sneak peeks, Angie! It's going to be another great Friday in the boutique!
  12. Smiles


    Welcome to Scrap Girls, Tami! So fun to have your designs!
  13. I wish! not this year, alas.
  14. Smiles

    New Designer - Tami Miller

    Welcome, Tami!
  15. Smiles

    Hello everybody,

    Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us.