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  1. Smiles

    Happy Birthday!!

    Happy birthday/anniversary to Scrap Girls!
  2. Smiles

    Wow...14 years

    I started lurking in the fall of 2006, shortly after I retired. I joined the forum in Jan of 2007, and my first purchase was a club kit.
  3. Smiles

    $14 Daily Winner

  4. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 9/28

    beautiful things coming this week!
  5. Smiles

    Suggestions for softening a photo

    Great instructions, ladies! thanks!
  6. Smiles


    Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you joined in! Looking forward to seeing you around.
  7. Smiles


    Were you using a regular brush instead of an eraser brush, by any chance?
  8. Smiles

    New Products 8-31

    Yay! A new Army collection, and it's not tied to a specific era! I'd like to throw in a bit of etiquette - the embellishment with 3 chevrons, 3 half circles, and a diamond in the middle is the rank patch of a First Sergeant, the senior NonCommissioned Officer in a company. If you're scrapping for a real Soldier (or member of any other Service) please be sure of the rank before throwing in any rank embellishment. If you're ever unsure, please look it up or ask!
  9. Smiles

    Love It Or Have It Game

    Wow! Thank you!
  10. Smiles

    New Way To Search A Designers Store

    Thanks to all who made it work!
  11. Smiles

    Love It Or Have It Game

    So many great ones going out! I do want to point out the Santa Hats, though - such a great selection of really nice ones! MRE_Santa Hats Embellishment Mini and one of them will fit almost any head in a picture.
  12. Smiles

    New Products-8/17

    all this, and the retirement sale too!
  13. Smiles

    New Products 8-10

    Such loveliness this week! Are we spoiled, or what?
  14. Smiles

    Welcome Aimee

    Welcome, Aimee! So fun to have you on board!
  15. Smiles

    Hello from West Texas

    Welcome to Scrap Girls, Verlene! We're so glad you found us!