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  1. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 12/6

    oh, boy - it won't be hard to reach $10 for the gift with purchase! Such loveliness!
  2. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 11/22

    looking good! and a new designer? Can't wait!
  3. Smiles

    Hello from NY

    Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us! Jump right in - the water's fine!
  4. I'm so sorry to hear you're leaving us. Your designs are a joy to see and to use. We'll miss you! Blessings in your new phase of life.
  5. Smiles

    Stopping by to say Hi!

    Welcome to Scrap Girls, Laura! We're so glad you're here! Doodles are the best! I have 2 mini Australian Labradoodles. They take good care of me - and make life very interesting.
  6. Smiles

    Hi from Pa

    Wanted to add my Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us. We all learn when someone asks questions, so don't hesitate to ask away!
  7. Smiles

    Monday CHATTER!

    Golly, so many memories over the years. Here's one - Tess from Sweden came to the second convention, and it turns out she was a foreign exchange student at the same high school my husband attended, decades before her. He had driven out with me, and so they actually got to meet and swap memories.
  8. It's always a great time!
  9. Smiles

    PSD, ABR, ASL Viewer

    I have one for psd files, but that's all it previews. I can't find its name. There was an older one called Thumbview, but it didn't work past XP.
  10. Smiles

    Hello from England

    Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us! One last thought on the folder files. If you store a whole collection in one file, when you move the embellishments, papers, and word art from their individual files, you'll have 3 preview files all named folder. Scrap Girls designers use marketing images for the same purpose, but they won't be written over if you dump everything into one file. Does that make sense?
  11. Smiles

    Retirement Sale 2019

    So many classics saying goodbye!
  12. Smiles

    new here

    Welcome to Scrap Girls, Mandy! We're so glad you found us. Jump right in - the water's fine!
  13. Smiles

    Getting back to Digital Scrapping

    Welcome to Scrap Girls! We all learn when folks ask questions, so ask away!
  14. Smiles

    Guilt using QP's?

    I think they will be bowled over by the fact you took the time to make the page. They won't know or care how you put it together. Having said that, I feel the same way when people gush over a journal I've made using a digi kit - I feel I have to explain I bought the kit.
  15. Smiles

    Dynamic Brushes

    the early ones, at least, had dynamic in the name. You should be able to tell from the marketing image, if it looks like a single item stamped (not) or a continuous line (yes).