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  1. Nice to get something new from Brandy!
  2. Costco has an 8x8 book option now, too - I think they're 2 copies for $20
  3. It does take some practice to do things like draw straight lines. I found it hard to click on the tabs and slide over to a selection in PSE at first. Try Solitare to get used to it. If you switch back and forth with a mouse, it takes a little adjusting each time you go back to the pen tablet, but only a few seconds. I have the smaller Bamboo Fun (now called something else, but it was the cheaper model), and the work area does seem small. To move the pen over long distances on the screen, you have to start at the edge of the tablet area.
  4. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us!
  5. We're off to another tempting year in the Boutique!
  6. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Jenn!
  7. yes, Brandy's tutorial addresses the challenge of the gray you can get with templates.
  8. Last day of the sale!
  9. oh, yeah! Some of them I look at and go, "What??"
  10. 4 please!
  11. Welcome to the forum! We're so glad you joined in!
  12. Glitzy Christmas is one of my all-time faves. So fun to have some new goodies to add!
  13. Welcome to Scrap Girls! I'm in the SW corner of Washington State, in Vancouver. Glad to have you on board!
  14. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're glad you joined in!
  15. What a way to kick off the new month!