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  1. Smiles


    Welcome to Scrap Girls, Sandy! We're so glad you found us! Jump right in - the water's fine!
  2. Pat, I keep the layered file open in PSE while I'm uploading the layout to the gallery so I can see what I used, if that's any help.
  3. Well, people will be emerging from lockdown more and more over the next few months, so addressing this now is probably good timing. I'm not as active here now, and haven't been since life got in the way a few years ago, but I still feel connected, and I certainly still buy new goodies! The shredders chit chat is a really great way to feel connected. Probably the only time I do layouts now is during the big events, because I'm doing more hybrid projects in general. I do miss the old chats, but they may appeal most to folks who have been around a while.
  4. I'm curious - did you ever use a Wacom pen? Wondering how it compares to a vertical mouse. My osteoarthritis is starting to talk to me sometimes.
  5. Just saw this - and I'm so glad you posted the tip, Linda. Yes, Scrap Girls is definitely the best, and we do all learn when someone asks a question. There are so many ways to do things in Photoshop and Elements, and different techniques may work better for different people. It's all in how our brains are wired.
  6. Welcome back, Jo! (the real question is, are the scissors pointed up or down?)
  7. Welcome "home," Karen! It's great to see you here again!
  8. Can a cart drool? Welcome "home," Shalae!
  9. Angie, I love the new club!


    1. Happy


      Just gorgeous, so beautiful for an album and mixing this with January Scrap Simple clubs will make gorgeous wedding albums.

    2. angleigh


      Thanks!  And I didn't even think about how well it goes with the Jan ScrapSimple club until this morning 🙂

  10. I love, love, love edgers. And you can always apply a style to them to make them work with your layout if they don't already.
  11. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Esther! We're so glad you found us! Jump right in - the water's fine!
  12. I used Brandy Murray's Cottage Christmas. The photo is from the Ben & Jerry's website.
  13. What a year you've had! Wonderful way to document it.
  14. I think there will be a little shopping mixed in with the other festivities on Friday!
  15. Welcome back, Patsy! So good "see" you again!
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