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  1. August is starting off to be a great month!
  2. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you joined in!
  3. I love the sneak peeks! Seeing the details is so nice, and I kind of know what to look for on Fridays.
  4. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Eileen! We're happy you're here!
  5. After my computer got a new motherboard, Picasa works for me again. I'm crossing my fingers it won't mess things up! I don't know why Picasa and my original Bamboo Fun tablet didn't work before and do now, but I'm really happy they do.
  6. one really fast and easy way to color a brush is to use a style on it. The boutique is absolutely full of lovely, colorful styles. You can also layer a paper over it and create a clipping mask. You can get some really interesting effects that way.
  7. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us! We've had some really cool planner things in the Boutique from time to time. Some of us do more chatting than scrapping (ahem), but this is a really fun and friendly place to hang out.
  8. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Rae! So glad you joined in!
  9. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Michelle! We're so glad you found us! Don't hesitate to ask questions - we all learn when folks do.
  10. Connie, it's lovely to have a new military collection! Thank you! Just a caution - in the US, boot camp applies to the naval services, not the Army and Air Force. I can't speak to the Canadian Forces. So be careful using that lovely wordart.
  11. Bless you, Angie, for the sale!
  12. Welcome back, Grace! We're glad you're here!
  13. wow - some beautiful kits coming our way!
  14. I love the sneak peeks - we can see details so much better than on the marketing images.
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