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  1. Good things the shelves never go bare at Scrap Girls!
  2. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us!
  3. love these sneak peeks, Angie! It's going to be another great Friday in the boutique!
  4. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Tami! So fun to have your designs!
  5. I wish! not this year, alas.
  6. Welcome, Tami!
  7. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us.
  8. I've had the old Bamboo Fun forever, and really love it. Yes, Angie, it takes time to get really comfortable with the pen, but once you are, you won't want to look back. I should look and see if I can program one of my 2 buttons to scroll through blending modes - that would be way cool!
  9. And a sale! Are we spoiled, or what?
  10. Oh my goodness - what beautiful sneak peeks!
  11. I love all the variety in styles! There's something for everyone.
  12. can't wait!
  13. thanks, Linda! you always have such good information!
  14. I still depend on Picasa.
  15. Yes - her designs are what's tempting me! Does anyone know if you can print A4 paper on a printer designed for US letter? I guess I could use legal size and trim it down?