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  1. I use dynamic-type brushes (as opposed to the ones you stamp - I just use the .pngs for those), styles, and all kinds of blenders the most when it comes to Scrap Simple things. I think the photo-book options would be awesome!
  2. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 06/14

  3. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 6/7

    wow - a little something for everyone!
  4. Smiles

    June 2019 Motivators Chart

  5. Smiles

    Jezebel Sauce

    What a cool recipe title! It sounds yummy, too. I like your photo cluster.
  6. Smiles

    LindaH57 - Old Fashion Apple Crisp.jpg

    I love the way you used the apples in the recipe! Very cool layout! Apple crisp was one of my mother's signature desserts.
  7. Smiles

    Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie

    This sounds so yummy! The card is perfect for it, too.
  8. Smiles

    Watermelon Preserves

    darling recipe card - so perfect for watermelon!
  9. Smiles

    May Recipe Swap

    sounds yummy! Lovely layout, and it's easy to read!!!
  10. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 05/24

    another great week in the boutique - plus a sale! It doesn't get much better than this!
  11. Smiles

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome! We're glad you joined in! I love mini-books and hybrid projects, too. Many Scrap Girls kits are perfect for junk journals and mini-albums with a bit of tinkering in Photoshop Elements. The great thing about digital is you don't have to print a whole page for an envelope, for example - just use a template. Looking forward to seeing you around!
  12. Smiles


    Thanks! Hope you like it!
  13. Smiles

    May 2019 Recipe Swap

    I found it! Rhubarb Custard Pie. I'm sorry I don't have a picture, because you need one to appreciate what it will be like. This is unlike any rhubarb pie you've ever had, and even folks who say they don't like rhubarb pie usually like this one. If you want the full experience, use the 1& 1/2 C. sugar. My mother's recipe card looks about like that one, except it was handwritten. We always called it rhubarb cream pie, but the original recipe called it rhubarb custard pie. A true family favorite.
  14. Smiles


    BMU_Shabby Bakery and Lettering Delights' Mother's Typewriter Font. The original card looks about like that one! Recipe from WWII era Better Homes & Gardens cookbook (red plaid)
  15. Smiles

    May 2019 Recipe Swap

    oh, my mother made the best rhubarb custard pie. The recipe was from her WWII era Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I'll have to see if I can find it.