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  1. Connie, it's lovely to have a new military collection! Thank you! Just a caution - in the US, boot camp applies to the naval services, not the Army and Air Force. I can't speak to the Canadian Forces. So be careful using that lovely wordart.
  2. Bless you, Angie, for the sale!
  3. Welcome back, Grace! We're glad you're here!
  4. wow - some beautiful kits coming our way!
  5. I love the sneak peeks - we can see details so much better than on the marketing images.
  6. Welcome to the forum! So glad you came up the stairs! I'm fortunate I have 2 dogs who give wonderful hugs - usually accompanied by an exfoliation treatment on my face, which is not so wonderful. Missing hugs might be the worst part of this whole thing.
  7. Welcome "home!" We're glad you're back! You'll see a few familiar faces.
  8. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us! And this is a fun week to join in, for sure.
  9. Smiles


    Ann, this is stunning!
  10. Smiles


    Oh, my goodness! I love them! And a great layout to show them off. They're like puppies, aren't they?
  11. love the hearts on the bear
  12. here's mine - no attempt to make it look like a sticker Mischief Week Siggie Meet William (left) and Merry (right). Now to load it... (hey - it worked!)
  13. paper and cluster from MLD_FloweryTouch
  14. oooh - such pretties! And a sale!
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