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  1. That is too funny!
  2. Great work, ladies! And Angela, so great to have new goodies from you!
  3. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Coco! We're so glad you joined in!
  4. oh, boy - it's going to be another awesome week in the boutique!
  5. Sad to see some old favorites leaving the shop - but I was pleased to see that I had already purchased most of what I went through and checked. If you collect marketing images, be sure to grab them, especially for the older collections. The designers didn't start putting them in the collection downloads for a few years.
  6. Grab the brushes that go with the papers, too - if a corner of your photo is missing, you can add it to the template layer. Or if you want something in your photo not to show, you can erase it. I love, love, love Brandy's blenders!
  7. Love your hints, Angie!
  8. I'm so glad your brother came to you. That is priceless. I hope you are feeling better, considering. You are in my thoughts. :)

    1. Smiles


      Thank you so much!

  9. How wonderful you were able to save everything!
  10. it's lovely!
  11. love the sneak peeks!
  12. I'm with Marilyn on torn/worn/folded papers. In fact, I spend a lot of time "mending" distressed papers! Give me something that looks new, any day.
  13. I'm loving all this inspiration!
  14. Each week, I think - they can't top this - but sure enough, they do! LOVE our designers!