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  1. Some really pretty things this week!
  2. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 3/8

    Wow - some real beauties this week! I'm loving the pink!
  3. Smiles

    Hi from MD!

    Welcome to Scrap Girls, Alli!
  4. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 3/1

    Wow - lots of gorgeous goodness!
  5. Smiles

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to Scrap Girls, Molly! We're so glad you found us!
  6. Smiles

    Alpha or Word Art/Quotes?

    I mostly just use the capital letter to start a word in a title. I just don't seem to have the patience to do a whole word or title with an alpha.
  7. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 2/22

    such luscious colors!
  8. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 2/15

  9. Smiles

    New Products 2-7-19

    quite a week!
  10. Smiles

    Welcome Word Art World

    Welcome to Scrap Girls, Jen! So good to have you on board!
  11. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 2/1

    New products were turned on so we can shop before the sale ends!
  12. Smiles

    I"m Back!!!

    Welcome "home"! So good to see you again!
  13. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 2/1

    Some real gorgeousness here!
  14. So many beautiful things! So thankful for the sale!
  15. Another great week in the Boutique! I love that the newsletter shows what collection the freebie goes with! Thanks!
  16. Smiles

    Welcome Laitha Art Studio

    Welcome to Scrap Girls! I hope you feel right at home.
  17. Smiles

    Hello Again!

    Welcome home, Barbara! I'm sure sorry to hear you had such difficult family challenges. You can enjoy playing again, now, though!
  18. Smiles

    NEW GOODIES 12/21/18

    It's an absolutely spectacular week in the boutique! No problem qualifying for the Christmas Morning kit this week!
  19. I love them all! (and I have most of them)
  20. Smiles

    Scrapping Computer Program for MAC

    PSE is a very powerful program. I've been using it since version 2. I can't speak for the new version, but I've been super happy with every version I've used.
  21. Smiles


    Welcome, Heather!
  22. Smiles

    Sneak Peek 12/14

    Yay! Another fun week in the boutique! It won't be hard to qualify for the free kit!
  23. I'm grateful for the sale, with all these new goodies!
  24. I'd say most holiday photo cards I receive are vacation pictures, for what it's worth.
  25. Smiles

    Camera photography ?

    I take "point and shoot" literally, and it does pretty darned well for me.