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  1. Bless you, Angie, for the sale!
  2. Welcome back, Grace! We're glad you're here!
  3. wow - some beautiful kits coming our way!
  4. I love the sneak peeks - we can see details so much better than on the marketing images.
  5. Welcome to the forum! So glad you came up the stairs! I'm fortunate I have 2 dogs who give wonderful hugs - usually accompanied by an exfoliation treatment on my face, which is not so wonderful. Missing hugs might be the worst part of this whole thing.
  6. Welcome "home!" We're glad you're back! You'll see a few familiar faces.
  7. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us! And this is a fun week to join in, for sure.
  8. Smiles


    Ann, this is stunning!
  9. Smiles


    Oh, my goodness! I love them! And a great layout to show them off. They're like puppies, aren't they?
  10. love the hearts on the bear
  11. here's mine - no attempt to make it look like a sticker Mischief Week Siggie Meet William (left) and Merry (right). Now to load it... (hey - it worked!)
  12. paper and cluster from MLD_FloweryTouch
  13. oooh - such pretties! And a sale!
  14. Welcome to Scrap Girls! We're so glad you found us! Yeah, PSE is fun but challenging. There are so many ways to do the same thing. One of the things I love about our forum is how many answers we get to questions. We all learn something new. Looking forward to seeing you around the forum!
  15. For open library, you actually read online - it may be a .pdf of the book, but pages turn like a Kindle.
  16. Due to the emergency declaration, they've been able to open the National Emergency Library (https://archive.org/details/nationalemergencylibrary), which is set up for disasters like this. Also, through Open Library, you can read many books that have been digitized, whether in the public domain or not. I've enjoyed re-reading my favorite series, many of which aren't in my library any more. My librarian told me their kindle books expire either after 3 years or 20 times checked out, which is why they vanish from the collection.
  17. maybe I will try Picasa again, now that my other computer issues seem to under control.
  18. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
  19. Picasa doesn't work with Windows 10, either, so I'm in the same boat! Sure miss it!
  20. Wow! What gorgeousness! So glad there's a sale on!
  21. Smiles

    Cone Head

    Great to "see" you again, Carol! That's a good one for sure. Hope you are taking good care of yourself.
  22. SS Papers_Modern Messy was from a Scrap Simple club from 2015 (Create) by Angie and Armi. The papers, from Armi, have .psd files as well as .png files The Geometric Overlays are .png files
  23. I ended up getting a new Intuos. It's taking some getting used to. Of course, if I looked up tutorials, they would probably answer my questions!
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