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  1. I was able to change all the colors and liked that option. I was able to change one color, but I think it is easier to do that with selection tools and color picker, even if I want to do the same with other items in the same collection. It might have been harder for me because I was trying to change dark red to a soft yellow. Also because I'm not that comfortable with masks. My unprofessional opinion of course.
  2. Thanks, Angie. I have 15. I didn't try it because the pictures of her work space don't look like mine. I'll try it.
  3. April Martell's tutorial offers a wonderful way to change individual colors on colorful elements. I love the idea that the mask can then be used on multiple items from a kit. Am I correct in assuming there is no way to do it in Photoshop Elements?
  4. I watched the Adobe Lightroom App video Syndee told us about today. Is it like that on the iPhone? I ask because I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to use it, the little examples around the actual picture are so very small. I would like it if I could see. Also, I would like to use it on my Mac. Is it available? Do they call it an app? How can I get it if it is? I have PSE 15 now, but this looks much simpler.
  5. Interesting. Sounds like it may work. Too busy to try right now. Thanks to you wonderful ladies, I'm learning from all this chat. I have another thing that has been bothering me. I used to be able to unlock all the layers at once in the layers bin. Now I have to unlock them one at a time? Did I forget how that is done? Or is it not possible PSE 15?
  6. I read the whole thing and as of the last submission, no one had solved the problem. Some were offered their money back, but that is no solution! Since it always worked on versions before, I cannot understand why they can't/won't fix it. I've done without it since December of 2016, I will continue...but it has made me a little unsure of Adobe. And it wastes a lot of my time... The screen shot below tells what it has captured of my files. The big surprise is the one at the top of the list. Strange.
  7. Yes, it does, but the most recent file on mine is 12/2/16. Yes, that is 16. And I make at least 450 layouts a year. When 15 first came out I was online quite a bit trying to find a solution. Everyone was having the problem. No one could come up with a solution! My husband who is now 75, but was in the computer field from 1959...and has been quite the computer expert all his life, was trying to help solve the problem. We thought we had found a solution, but it didn't hold. I have just been trying to work around it and I mean by that just doing without it...I would get a new version, but f
  8. Sounds good. I wish all things improved. I'm still fighting the fact that in PSE 15, I can't "Open Recently Edited File".
  9. While we are at it. If anyone is familiar with Sarah's and Syndee's styles, what is the difference? Are Syndee's an upgrade or very similar?
  10. That has to be it. I am using SBA: Sarah Batdorf (Scrapgirls) Styles.
  11. I just checked. I have PSE 15 and if I change one shadow, they all change and they are not linked. But that is ok, I've decided they really need to be the same.
  12. Thank you. I'll check that out.
  13. You can link all your layers together in PSE. All of them do get the same shadow in PSE, whether or not you link them. So I have been doing it right all along. it just didn't seem right. And it is true that the photo itself is making the shadows on the paper, not the picture that was taken. Well you all have solved my problem. I will relax. Thank you all.
  14. I make the shadows with the light coming from the same direction as the shadows in the pictures. But to me it looks strange to have all the picture with the light coming from one direction and then one picture taken with the light coming from the opposite side. They are all needed to tell the story. I have at times flipped a picture horizontally, but as you know, that won't always work. As a perfectionist, I guess I'm just overly conscious of things like that. Thank you...maybe I can just relax.
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