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  1. AnnBK

    2019 Hybrid ATC Calendar Swap

    Multitasking here.....on hold (speaker phone) with cable company and got my cards designed and ready to print and bling! Yes, it's taking that long.😲
  2. AnnBK

    2019 Hybrid ATC Calendar Swap

    OH, OH, OH....can’t miss out on all this fun! Can I have April, please?
  3. Finally getting around to downloading goodies I bought during the  close out sale, and I keep getting a message denying me access to the files.  Can any one help??

    1. CRS


      Send an email to Angie, letting her know what code you are getting so she can fix it for you.

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Hi Ann, I'd say check with Angie. Oh... I see Carla gave you the same advice. Good luck!

  4. AnnBK

    August ATC Swap

    YIPPEE!! I got one done! It's been so long since I posted anything to the gallery that I've forgotten how to do it. The image that appears is very small...how do I fix that?
  5. AnnBK

    PositiveATC copy.jpg

    I am SOOO out of practice. Not sure I really like this one, but I got it done! I used: OAWA_Woodland Walk OAWA_Somewhere in Tie BMU_Chasing Dragonflies tmd_Just Breathe bed_reminiscing
  6. I used OAWA_Woodland Walks AFY_Brush_Chic Clenders OAWA_Somewhere in Time AFT_Blissful MJO_Brush_Scribbles and Dots CBA_SSToosStyles_Inked Edges
  7. AnnBK

    Spring 2018 Hybrid ATC Swap

    YIPPEE...mine arrived today! I'm thinking I should tape each one to my bathroom mirror. Each a good reminder to start the day. Thanks everyone!
  8. AnnBK

    June ATC Swap

    I posted (I think!) a card, but it's not showing up in the new images listing. I've been absent for so long I've lost track of the changes and how to do things. And I have NO idea how to post a link here in the off chance I actually posted the card to the gallery!
  9. I used BMU_ChasingDragonFlies SNU_BlendabilityMasks BHA_Stlyize CAB_SST00lsStyles_Inked Edges MRE_Brush_Misty
  10. AnnBK

    Spring 2018 Hybrid ATC Swap

    This kind of went to the bottom of my priority list, but I have everything ready to print, fold and BLING.
  11. AnnBK

    May ATC

    Waiting for phone calls...might as well make an ATC! Sorry, I can't remember how to add a link!
  12. My age is there....find it. I used MRe_SSEmb_Clocks TMD_Life Notes BMU_Brush_Dotty Swirls TMD_Just Breathe TamiMiller_Time Marches ON SDE-mell Lavendar Mask MRE_Brush_Downtown ASO_SSToolsStyles_Finery EHI_SSToolsStyles_Embossed CBA_SSToolsStyles_inked Edges
  13. AnnBK

    Winter 2018

    It was really, really cold...and a LOT of snow. It was the worst winter I've ever experienced...and you've made it look so pretty! Thanks...love how you included Maggie. She thought it was great!
  14. AnnBK


    It was fun putting this together. Thanks for the cute pictures, Mikelle. I used: FLO_Explosion DeCouleur AFT_Blissful BHA_Blossoms MRE_Brush_Downtown AFT_Chic Blenders ASO_SSToolsStyles_Finery