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  1. WHEW! Always on pins and needles until I hear they arrived. Now the long wait!
  2. Mine are now in the care of the US Postal System. Hopefully they will reach Carla in 3 or 4 days.
  3. Mine have been printed and trimmed and ready to assemble for over a week. Should have them done this weekend.
  4. I had a choice this afternoon: start organizing tax information or go to Hobby Lobby. After about a nano second pondering that difficult choice, I headed to hobby Lobby and hit the jackpot! I have cards printed and ready to bling...bling...bling!
  5. Well, I have been off in LaLa land, trying to work through the hard memories of this time last year. That will go on and on, but I want to join in on this challenge if there is still space.
  6. Well, this will indeed be a challenge. I have more "lasts" than you can imagine. Not sure I can translate any of it into an ATC. I will think on it.
  7. Well, I missed day one because I forgot it was December 1! I'll make it up. For day 2, a Christmas movie, my photo requires some explanation. The movie is "A River Runs Through It", not a Christmas movie per se, but it brings back Christmas memories for me. It came out in theaters on Christmas day, and it happened to be the first Christmas none of our daughters or other family could be with us. DH (an avid fly fisherman at one point) suggested we take it in, the first Christmas day movie outing we had ever done.
  8. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.... Will be traveling from the 18th til just after the first, but I can take photos no matter where I am. Thanks for the nudge.
  9. I am so grateful for this's just beautiful and I'm going to have it framed. I absolutely LOVE the quote, it's perfect. Thanks, Marilyn! And....I'm betting that no one knows how to pronounce the name of the River. It's Po-po-zha.
  10. I'm up late here on the west coast (as usual) so I thought I would claim the first to post spot. I am so rusty at scrapping, I hope Kelly likes this. I can make changes if you want. Those are some awesome photos! Supply list in EXIF properties.
  11. YIPPEE!!! Mine finally made it to the west coast. I love each and every one. It will be a fun year with a new little art work on display every month. Thanks to you all, and especially to Carla for organizing and doing so much work. It's really appreciated.
  12. Me too... and I'm ready for it!
  13. I sent a message with my email address.
  14. Thanks so much! Marilyn, I'll be home on Tuesday and will send photos as soon as I can. Kelly, I got your message and sent my e-mail address.
  15. Oh, darn! I just saw this...traveling and not keeping up with forum posts. Any chance I can get in?