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  1. I have learned a lot about time management over the last few months....make use of those down moments when you're waiting for someone/something. And so I have my cards ready to print...just need a number. They are simple, but meaningful to me. Bring on the BLING!
  2. This will be a challenge for me...traveling back east for the last high school graduation, then a houseful of family. But I'll get it done somehow...count me in!
  3. I'm going to try to join in as much as I can. I'm not sure I remember how to scrap, but maybe it will come back!
  4. WOO HOO....lovely little packet in my mail box today. They are all so pretty and fit together perfectly! Can't wait for the next round. BTW....I don't see those two talk bubbles...
  5. Egads! Not liking this new format AT ALL. Where are we with finality on this? So eager to see how it all comes together. This new forum is horrible...just my opinion.
  6. I need to do this, but it might take me a while. Things in my life are still a little topsy turvy.
  7. Uh background isn't even close to blue....hope it works. I am so anxious to see the finished product!
  8. WHEW!
  9. Black lines? Did your pieces have black lines?
  10. Mine are now in the trusted hands of the USPS...let me know when they arrive so I can exhale!
  11. I decided I really needed to get these done and off to Carla. All wrapped up and ready to go into the mail as soon as I can get away for a few minutes. I am SOOOOO curious about the "big picture"!
  12. Well, big bummer. I've been working on the bling part and have everything I need. I don't need to to Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Oh, wait....I'm awfully low on glue and tape runners. Golly, I'd hate to run out right in the middle of blinging. Better get over there tomorrow!
  13. My daughters have been visiting for a week and this morning the younger was doing laundry in the laundry/ craft room. She saw my "creative space" and was really taken with my card collections, especially our little calendar. You are all artists and it's been validated! I can't wait to see the results of this much fun!
  14. I thought about this for a long, long time, and then decided to just sit down at the computer and see what happened. I don't know if what I've done is what I'm supposed to do, but I like the outcome so far! Everything is printed and ready for enhancement...bring on the BLING !
  15. WOW..a full week in and I'm still keeping up! Removing 5 items was easy since I had to stretch to find five things to put on in the first place. WONDER DOG