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  1. With absolutely no idea what I might do, I'll vote for steampunk.
  2. WOWZER....WOWZER...WOWZER!! Guess what I found in my mail box this afternoon? Stunning work, everyone. I keep scanning them all looking at all the little details. Thanks to you all!
  3. I just sent a photo this morning,'s a fun one, hope you have a good time working with it.
  4. Waiting to hear from Mikelle for an address to send my photos. I got yours, them. Thanks for giving me options.
  5. WOW! Such changes to the forum! I've been absent for so long it will take me some time to catch up. 

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Hi Ann, So good to see you in the forum again! I'm still confused about the new forum but am learning and I think some things are a lot easier now. Also, I see that Bonnie (Dixie Lee) went to the Sisters Quilt Show. I'm jealous! :) Maybe one of these years...

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      I was supposed to stay with friends in Sisters for the weekend and see the quilts , but we got a stomach virus and couldn't go. :( It would have been fun to meet up with you.

    4. DixieLee



      oh, April sorry that you got sick, every year that I get to go is special- all of my older daughters have enjoyed going--now when my two younger ones that are high energy get older I will take them--probably will have to have help keeping track of them. (Maybe clothespin them to a quilting display-LOL)


  6. I am so eager to get these! I'm always amazed at the creativity of all of you. But more than that, as soon as we end this swap, we can start on the next one!
  7. And now the wait begins.........
  8. I've sat this swap out for couple of months, but with life settling down a bit, I'd like to give it a try for this month.
  9. Shopped and checked out just in time.  New goodies...must set aside some time for scrapping!

    1. MariJ


      Hi Ann.   Looking forward to your pages;  glad you will be scrapping, it's wonderfully therapeutic as we know. :)

    2. CRS


      Don't forget the swap crop this month!

  10. Just came across this fun game...I'm taking #12.
  11. I finally finished a card and tried to upload it....first time since all the site changes. Pretty sure I didn't do it right since it's not showing up in the gallery images on the forum page.
  12. I was determined to get SOMETHING posted for this challenge. I've forgotten a lot, but it's coming back. Supply list in EXIF properties (I think!)
  13. I am actually trying to get a card done. It's hard. It might be awful, but I am determined to do something to get back into scrapping.
  14. Last of the family leaves today after the memorial. It will be so quiet without them.  Moving forward....

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    2. elibar


      Anne, I'm trying to catch up with the message boards after being away... I'm sorry for all you've been through Ann. My prayers are with you.

    3. Boatlady


      You and your family are in my thoughts.

    4. Smiles


      hugs, Ann!

  15. I'm done...and out of envelopes. Last chore tomorrow, and I'll get them into the mail. Not my best effort, but there's heart in them. Then I fly east for the last of the grandsons HS graduation. Bittersweet without Grandpa.