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  1. That's a great class! You'll love it!

  2. LOL! - I think she would notice if you pretended to be me. It'll be pretty schnazzy too! I'm sure the food'll be amazing!

  3. Oh man Caren! I totally wish I could go! My cousin has lived there for probably 10 years now and I've never been. I really wanna go but I'm afraid I'm totally broke right now. :o(

  4. Hey - my cousin is getting married in Pitt the end of May. Will you go for me? I wish I could - I'd totally look you up!

  5. You're so cute Caren! I just love you!

    P.S. "Hi!!!" :o)

  6. Hi Amy's Mom! So glad you joined! I can't wait to get to know you better! I'm sure she gets all of her loveliness from her Mama!

  7. Hi Bonnie! I just wanted to welcome you to Scrap Girls! Let us know if there's anything we can help you with! We'd love the chance to get to know you!

  8. I would just like to say you're Watercolor Iris layout is absolutely amazing! I would really love it if you could give us a little tutorial as to how you did it! Please, please, please????

  9. Jump right in! I bet you'll love digi! :D

  10. I just thought I would stop by and say "Hey! Welcome to Scrap Girls!" I hope you stick around and have some fun with us!


  11. Heather! I was so awesome meeting you! I hope you had a safe trip home. I also hope to see you at next years convention! See ya around the boards for sure! :D

  12. I just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoyed meeting you! I hope to see you around the boards more often! :D

  13. I am so glad I got to meet you at convention! I hope to see you around the boards sometime!

    Love, Shari

  14. Just thought I'd stop by to say "HI!" I hope you are enjoying Scrap Girls!

  15. Welcome Ali!!! So happy you're here!

  16. I was just nosing around and saw one of your gorgeous flower layouts. Thought I'd stop by and say "hi!" I hope you are having fun on SG!

  17. Hi Jennifer! I saw your dog and it reminded me of an old lab I once had. Thought I'd stop in and say "hi".

  18. Just wanted to pop by and say "Hi!" You are a great presence around here! I'm thilled to have the chance to get to know you!


  19. Looks like lots of people keep checking in to see if you're home yet! I know you are tired and really busy but as soon as you get a chance just let us know everyone is home safe ... k?

    Love ya girl!!!


  20. Ha! So HAPPY to help bring you out of lurkdom! :D

  21. Just wanted to welcome you to SG! So glad you're here!

  22. Thanks for coming to visit my profile Santa. I feel so special. What a fantastic month I am having!!! (Pst ... I have Pumkin Choco Chip cookies ... I'll share with you if you come over!)

  23. Just thought I'd stop by to say HI! Welcome to SG!

  24. Oh where oh where has Nichole been! I miss you! Been thinking about you lately and the Way Cool ScrapGirl thing in the newsletter pushed me to come looking! Please come back and play with us soon!

  25. Just thought I'd pop by to say "hi"! :D


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