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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday from your friends at ScrapGirls!

  4. Hi spent 3 days spring cleaning exhausted. thnx for congrats on scrapper next door status. how you be?

  5. Congrats on your "Scrapper Next Door" status!

  6. brianc966

    First Mothers Day

    You did an awesome job on the brush work. I'm still on lesson two in the book. Way impressed! I like how you mirrored and reversed the mother paper at the edge so it doesn't draw the eye away from your main elements. Very clever. brianc966
  7. Hurray Elizabeth! We all needed this. I kept my files with the original names so I know who to say I scraplisfted from or was inspired by or used this item, but can't remember the names that go with the initials. Thanks for putting it together for those of who aren't together!-brianc966
  8. Hi Sprinklz,

    Thank you for the color challenge comment. BTW I didn't want to put the easy page as a catbox liner because it was bad, but my version was so icky. You've been very helpful these last two weeks when I started here, and I have to say a big THANKYOU. brianc966

  9. brianc966


    Very nice elegant LO. Sadie looks regal too. The furkids are asking though if she is cold since she has a short coat? Here's a nice purple catepillar from the fur kids for Sadie to play with and it matches your LO colors and the challenge. brianc966
  10. Oh WOW! This takes my breath away! Too gorgeous for words! Would make a beautiful blank card and I love the title.-brianc966
  11. brianc966

    Wild Child

    Wild Child SG_Refresh_TDO_Chipboard-Child;SG_Refresh_TDO_Chipboard-Wild; SG_Refresh_DMI_12x12_Sherbet; ASO_Buttonnbows_Multi_PurpGrn; BLO_Back2basics_folded (ribbon) The father was cut out then embossed and made orange. all drop shadows are purple. I sherized the rosette center matched to the green in the bow. the Wild and Child have glow outer in orange.
  12. brianc966

    WHO are you?

    Hi Dinny I took up your offer to visit your gallery and really liked this one a lot. I have the duvet collection in my wishlist folder. It was nice to see it used in a layout. I like your jounaling style. I am pretty spare with words going for the glitz instead. I should learn to stop and make the journalling as important as the beauti stuff. I take lousey photos but have some good ones my dad took when we were kids so maybe i'll use some of those. It was nice to see a style so very different from the mundane. brianc966
  13. Hi thanks for the tip went there got overwhelmed came back here. LOL

  14. Glad you aree joing. We are going to have fun!

  15. Debzanne, I think you've got a really great start here. Don't throw in the towel on it. I am a color freak so my comment is mostly about that. I like the reddish orange font and the matching background paper in the upper right. Colors give off frequency like a transducer does in electronics. (like a sound that travels and bounces off another object). The colors are both warm and cool in the LO and %'s are even. I suggest 75 to 80% of one or the other. What about changing the light blue paper to a green that matches the green in the 2 ride pics? Purple and green and also Red orange
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