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    Thank you!
  2. Reminiscing

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    Guess what! I was able to log in with Reminiscing. When I tried this afternoon, I used "mom2rci" which was my original username here, before I asked to change it to Reminiscing. At the time of that change I was told that Reminiscing would show up as my name, but that I'd still log in with "mom2rci." I guess with the forum remodel, my username got fully changed to Reminiscing. So no need to do anything. I can access my original account now. Edited to add: Wait, there is something that needs to change. My original account, Reminiscing, still has my old Verizon email address attached to it, but I no longer have access to that email. I used my current address to make the michelepixels account. I'll write to Angie about this. Thanks for all the welcomes! I remember all of you.
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    Scrapgirls was my original digiscrap stomping ground since I became a member in 2007. My username was Reminiscing. I see some familiar names. But this new forum won't let me log in with my Reminiscing username. I also tried clicking on the Contact and Email links on a couple of the pages and nothing happened. (Maybe it doesn't work in the Safari browser I use.) I came by because I wanted to look in my old gallery, containing the scrapbook pages I made while I was a Scrapgirls devotee from 2007 to 2010 or 2011. I tried to do a search in the gallery for my username (before I created this new username) but it didn't bring up my pages. Was my gallery and entire account deleted? I know it's my own fault since I don't hang out here anymore, but being a sentimental sort (after all, I AM a scrapbooker) I feel a little sad. I haven't lost any pages. I just thought coming back here would be any easy way to look at my oldest pages, which I was inspired to do this afternoon. How is everyone here, and how's it going? I will always be grateful to Scrapgirls for giving me a good start in digiscrapping, with the challenges, games, classes, and friendly people in an active forum. Michele Kendzie in Fredericksburg, Virginia, originally known as Reminiscing, but later I used michelepixels everywhere else I've been in the digiscrap world p.s. Edited to add . . . Oh my gosh! This place isn't purple anymore!
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    Hi! I remember all of you!!!
  5. Hi! I looked for a general chatting forum, but this looks like the most appropriate for a simple hello. I was active at ScrapGirls from 2007 to around 2010. After that I explored the possibilities of scrapping for hire and starting a photography business. My kids are now 15, nearly 13, and nearly 10, still homeschooling, and wonderful people! We still live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. During the last several years I've nearly completely dropped scrapbooking and then got back into it again. I'm attached to a different digiscrap place now, but I will always have a fondness in my heart for Scrapgirls, which I consider to be where I got my start. I learned all the basics here. It's like my digiscrap family of origin. I scanned a few threads and remember a lot of names. It's good to see you again! And I'm glad ScrapGirls is still going after all these years (I know so many sites have closed!). Last year I got back into digital scrapbooking and this year I'd say I've definitely re-established the habit. I put my scrapbook pages in galleries on my own website now, so you can take a look if you like. If you look in my gallery here at Scrapgirls you'll see my kids when they were little and my current galleries will show you how big they've gotten. I hope the people I remember from way back when see this and know I'm grateful to you for your part in helping me get started in this awesome hobby. If you recognize my username at all, then I mean you too! Thank you! p.s. Editing to add that my avatar is a current-ish photo (2014) and still the one I use for everywhere from FB to other forums, but my signature is older! I have been using PS+LR CC for a year and a half now. Still rocking the old Rebel T1i though!