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  1. Happy Birthday, Launa. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Happy birthday, Launa!

  3. Happy Birthday Launa!

  4. Happy Birthday Launa!

  5. Happy Birthday, Launa! I miss seeing you around SG! May your day be filled with family and lots of joy!!!

  6. This layout was created for the Way Cool Stuff Brushes article in the NL this morning. I had a blast working on this one! Gotta LOVE coffee!

    © &copy Launa Valente

  7. Launa

    Bond Of Perfection

    Me and Mommy. Truly a Bond of Perfection. Supplies are in the "Details" I use PSCS3 on a PC

    © &copy Launa Valente

  8. Launa


    For Kerry's Zoe Collection. It just fit my best friends DD to a tee.....her name is Zoe! Supplies are in the "details" I use PSCS3 on a PC

    © &copy Launa Valente

  9. Launa

    Rain Down

    I love everything about the rain. It brings peace. Supplies are in the Details I use PSCS3 on a PC

    © &copy Launa Valente

  10. Launa

    Siggi Album

    For all my signatures
  11. Launa

    April Showers

    For Keri's beautiful Tiny Love Girl Collection Isn't it beautiful? I use PSCS3 on a PC Supplies are in the "details"

    © &copy Launa Valente

  12. Launa


    Memories of our beautiful beach vacation last fall. I can't wait for the next one! supplies are in the details I use PSCS3 on a PC

    © &copy Launa Valente

  13. Launa


    When I think of a peaceful place, I think of my room. I had never really been able to afford to "decorate" my bedroom, and when we moved into our new house things really hadn't changed. I decided I wanted to have a "shabby chic" room and went to Target and picked out all kinds of beautiful bedding, and goodies. Of course they were WAY out of my price range. So....I just decided to pray. Not long after a woman from our church called and was redecorating her home and asked if I knew anyone with a king size bed that needed bedding, I said I had one and asked what she had...well she started to describe it and I knew it was exactly what I had picked out at Target!!! She had every single piece that there was!! That wasn't all though, she also brought me candles, nick nacks, framed pictures for my walls....you name it. The Lord knew the desire of my heart and brought me above and beyond what I had asked him for. Now I spend time with Him in this peaceful sanctuary that He has gifted me with. Don't ever think that the Lord doesn't care about the desires of your heart!

    © &copy Launa Valente

  14. Beautiful Char! What an awesome job!! Fun huh?
  15. Launa

    "They Said"

    I love these photos of my girls being themselves....trying to indulge my need for photography! LOL!! I use PSCS3 on a PC Supplies are in the details!

    © &copy Launa Valente

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