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  1. I'm in - tentatively. 🙂
  2. PBarnes

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    Oh Ngaire, I would so love to meet you!! I'm afraid New Zealand is a bit out of range though.
  3. PBarnes

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    I'm in! Rooming with Michelle.
  4. Since I've decided to go to the Midwest Scarp Girls meet up, I guess I should get back to reading the forum. Hi everybody..

  5. Where in the World is Huckleberry? An idea for a fun game was born at breakfast on the last day of our St. Louis Scrap Girls get-together. Somehow we got on the subject of Flat Stanley and Sandi said we should do a Scrap Girls version of it. She had purchased a cute little purple monkey at the St. Louis Zoo gift shop and we thought he would be the perfect Scrap Girls ambassador and we named him Huckleberry, because he is from Missouri (Twain country) and huckleberries are kinda purple. So, Huckleberry is beginning a journey, one we hope will be worldwide, and we want you to be a part of it. To participate you have to agree to: 1) Receive Huckleberry 2) Take some photos with him in them showing something about where you live or are visiting 3) Scrap a layout and post it in the Travel Gallery 4) Pass (ship) Huckleberry onto another Scrap Girl to continue his journey 5) To love, respect and protect Huckleberry while he is in your possession If you want to participate, post to this thread and I will compile a list. When it is your turn, I will contact you by PM for your mailing address. We can't guarantee that we will go strictly in the order that you post to the thread because there may be some person-to-person hand offs, but we will endeavor to follow the order. If it's not convenient for you to accept Huckleberry at the time you are contacted, you will not be dropped from the list and will be offered another chance later. If you decide that you no longer are interested in participating when you are contacted, that is ok too. Sound like fun? We think so! Sandi has started Huck on his journey and here is the first layout - Huckleberry in Hannibal Here is the list so far. This is not including those that were there at St. Louis which includes Sandi, Theresa,Conda, Angie, Cheri, Amy, Laura, Danna and me. I'm not sure what the order among us will be. Sara Arell Patsy (Pab) Carol (lorac) Theresa (teecee) Sara (Three Tadpoles Mom) JoannB Di (countrydi) Karen (KFiasco) Heather09 Laurel (laurellakey) AggieB Debbie (B&K Mom) Dot (PolkaDot) Carla (CRS) Charlene (Scrappinchar) Kim (podiumchick) Julie (jhochstetler) Ang (Angrocamp) Jan M. Belle Lei (Bride) Mikelle Bobbie (bjc) Monica (Nica) MariJ LauraJB luckyladybug (Jayme) candyK tinkerbell11 (Shannon) DebC benjimum (Benita) Schwabby Jenna misseswojo (Patty) valerietuff3 (Valerie) scrapper11 (Jemima) Eden Jode2771 (Jody) Names will be crossed off as Huck completes his journey with them and more names can be added to the bottom of the list.