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  1. Oh Ngaire, I would so love to meet you!! I'm afraid New Zealand is a bit out of range though.
  2. Since I've decided to go to the Midwest Scarp Girls meet up, I guess I should get back to reading the forum. Hi everybody..

  3. Nevermind. I was being stupid. Got it figured out. Duh. It's been too long since I worked in Elements, obviously.
  4. I think this has just started happening since I upgraded to Windows 10, but Elements 10 is opening all of my .ai files as pdfs and then I can't access the layers. Argh!! I can open and access files that are saved as .psds and I don't know how so many of the files got saved with the .ai extension. Is there anything I can do to change Elements from opening the .ais as something I can't use? Pat
  5. Happy Birthday, fellow birthday girl! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  6. Happy Birthday Pat. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  7. Happy Birthday Pat, hope you have a great day

  8. Just posted my first layout in a looonnngg time. This photo has been sitting in front of me since November. Finally got it scrapped.

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    2. April Showers

      April Showers

      Hi Pat! Great to see you around!

    3. Jo Corne

      Jo Corne

      PAT, is that really you? lol. so so sooooo good to see your face again. hope you are well

    4. jenrou


      Good to see you, pat! I'm kind of restarting scrapping myself. I've forgotten so much.

  9. Cute and happy layout. I love the embellishments and the cute little doggie. Nice extraction.
  10. The layout has such an elegant feel. Nicely done.
  11. Beautiful siggie. I love the Mardi Gras mask and the plume over your name. Nicely done.
  12. Very pretty layout. I love the purple colors, chalk accents and heart embellishments.
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