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  1. PBarnes

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    Oh Ngaire, I would so love to meet you!! I'm afraid New Zealand is a bit out of range though.
  2. PBarnes

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    I'm in! Rooming with Michelle.
  3. Since I've decided to go to the Midwest Scarp Girls meet up, I guess I should get back to reading the forum. Hi everybody..

  4. PBarnes

    Problem Opening Files

    Nevermind. I was being stupid. Got it figured out. Duh. It's been too long since I worked in Elements, obviously.
  5. PBarnes

    Problem Opening Files

    I think this has just started happening since I upgraded to Windows 10, but Elements 10 is opening all of my .ai files as pdfs and then I can't access the layers. Argh!! I can open and access files that are saved as .psds and I don't know how so many of the files got saved with the .ai extension. Is there anything I can do to change Elements from opening the .ais as something I can't use? Pat