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  1. Awww! I haven't been around for a while so imagine my surprise and delight to open the forum and see a LO right up top using my templates <3 Made my night!! What a lovely layout too! Such meaningful memories captured in your journaling! Well done!
  2. This is stunning! I love the bold colors and the quote and photo work so perfectly!
  3. AngRoCamp

    WT Italy

    Beautiful photo. Gorgeous colors in your LO!
  4. So jealous!! We park in the driveway... the garage is full of bikes and "toys" Cute layout! I like the way you used the journaling paper to create a bordered look on the LO too!
  5. I sure love the layering and clustering on this LO! The small details are perfection!
  6. Gah! The blending on this layout is so flawless. I always love the work you do Jody. It's fabulous!!
  7. AngRoCamp

    Hogwarts Express

    Great color manipulation!! Really makes your photos pop!
  8. Happy shopping lovely Scrap Girls friends!!! Gotta love a big sale like this one!!! Woohooo!

  9. Oh I just LOVE this!! Such fun and festivity!! Great work
  10. I really love the movement and action of this layout! Great work!
  11. I just love every single little thing about this layout!! Seriously! Just fabulous I'm pinning it!
  12. Love the way you've treated and framed the wheelbarrow pic!! So cool! Beautiful work!
  13. LOVE this!!! I love the combination of black and creepy with flowers and bows hehehe. Perfection
  14. Wizarding World!!! Love it Fun LO
  15. Such a pretty way to treat your photo and create a beautiful background for your layout!! Nice work!
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