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  1. This really popped out at me in the galley....love it.
  2. Such a beautiful kit and page.
  3. Such a sweet photo, love the overall softness of this page.
  4. Such a colorful place and you've let the art shine with the elements you used.
  5. My eldest grandson attending the senior ball. Brandy Murry Autumn Garden
  6. Beautiful, love the painted look of this.
  7. Frani_54


    Designs by Helly 2kook4skool
  8. Thanks Andrea....I'll have to check in more often.
  9. Am I too late? If not please add me.
  10. Totally gorgeous, I bet she loved this!
  11. Great way to highlight the book you are reading.
  12. Interesting intro, but look this up! The layout looks so relaxing, perfect scene to read a book.
  13. Sounds like a book I would love to read. Great job on putting this together.
  14. Frani_54

    World Tour

    This is just gorgeous, love the photo and the message is so special!
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