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  1. I really like the newest upgrades, except for the brushes. I like the old view and organization so much better.
  2. One of the themes on another board for this next week is "Love is", I planned to use this quote and when I checked out the gallery here, I see this layout. So perfectly executed, I may just have to copy it.
  3. I just love this, the title work, the photo and the choice of colors, papers and elements....perfectly put together.
  4. Lovely display of lights.
  5. Selfie Newbies for sure. I thought it would be a good time to get a picture of Jim and I this morning before going to Christmas Eve services.....We are so not good at them, Jim was squinting and wondering why there was no flash in the first one. The second one he still didn't know where to look and I look like I'm irritated....not good pictures, but we laughed about them all the way to church. I felt like those commercials of old people trying to figure out the new laptop and not realizing they were recording everything they were saying while trying to figure out the darn thing.....hee hee Anna Aspnes - Artsy Template 261 AFT Designs - Lively (paper)
  6. Wonderful capture of lights, love the combination of photos.
  7. I'm always a sucker for seeing children in awe at Christmas time. Lovely capture of lights.
  8. Great capture of lights.
  9. Wonderful touch of having the spotlight shining down on the photo.
  10. Here is my layout for the challenge....My Christmas Tree.
  11. This is for the light challenge, my Christmass tree all lit up. SG Joy Holiday kit2 Brandy Murry -Lodge Christmas Vinnie Prince - Seasonal collage overlay Lor Murphy - All is bright -retired
  12. Judy I love everything you create, this is no different....this one made me smile.....
  13. Great photo, love the soft tones of the holiday colors.
  14. Such an awesome capture, love the red and yellow combination.
  15. I saw this in the newsletter and just fell in love with it....Beautifully composed!