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  1. Adorable, love how you did the title work.
  2. Thank you Diane, I totally love that you duplicated one of the photos and used different tonal qualities on each's almost like it's radiating the heat of the day. The cars and splatz are a perfect addition to top of the Nascar theme.
  3. Love the unique framing.
  4. You put this together in a fun way.
  5. Love the use of the mask and framing.
  6. So surreal!
  7. Gorgeous collection of photos and love how you framed them giving them such awesome angles.
  8. This is such a cute layout!
  9. Love the blending and use of the photo in several frames and sizes, giving the layout so much depth of interest.
  10. Love the pop of color that you chose to use in the background, it matches the photo perfectly.
  11. Lovely set of photos and so well arranged in this layout....beautifully done.
  12. I think you were able to capture the coldness in the what you did with this.
  13. Love the photo and use of the squares to highlight the photo.....great clusters.
  14. What a fun layout, love the circle frames and the softness of the background.
  15. My 2 for Amy...