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  1. trishy

    Joshua 2010

    Your pictures are priceless and I love the way you have layered the elements in this LO. Very fun!
  2. This is so gorgeous Dot! Love the colors and the hints of gold, plus your photo just sets the whole page off. Very nice!
  3. trishy

    Teen Spirit

    Great idea and I like the way you capture this moment in your LO. TFS!
  4. trishy

    For Michelle

    Love the blue flowers, this is lovely.
  5. trishy

    For Michelle

    Beautiful Ngaire.
  6. Great day to scrap, love your photos. I like the board and the letter squares for the year, oh and don't forget the bear! Great job as usual.
  7. What a great photo! This LO is beautiful Cherise, it should be framed and hung on the wall.
  8. Love this LO! Great photos, as usual and this style works so well for you. Thank you for always making our products look so good!
  9. trishy

    Parky's Barn 4

    What a cool park! Looks like a great place to get away and play, love all of your photos. Time spent like this is the most fun to capture, TFS!
  10. trishy

    Mike in Brazil

    Great use of the Brazil kit and your photos crack me up! Looks like an enlightening experience in more ways than one. TFS!
  11. trishy


    Love the way you have documented this, great moment to capture! Nice use of the WA & Embs and I love that paper curl holding the photos, very cool. :0
  12. trishy

    Oh Brother

    Your photos are super sweet and I adore the colors you used. Your journaling is a nice glimpse into this time of their lives and something they will enjoy reading down the road. Love everything about this!
  13. Love the movement that the curve gives to the page and your photos are great. Very fun!
  14. trishy

    Be You

    I adore the way you have placed your daughter in the flower and overlapped her photo with the word art, it works so well. Love all the blending too, just so cool!
  15. trishy


    Love what you have done here Armi, all of the layering is wonderful. Great photo and I love your use of type on this LO. Another winner!
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