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  1. Thank You for the birthday wishes :)

  2. CRS

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to you from all of your SG friends - may your day be filled with all things wonderful!

  4. Tina M

    Mission Possible

    that is so cool. We saw all the kids doing the collecting at each country! great LO!
  5. Beautiful Blending! very lovely picture I'm sure your daughter just adores it
  6. Tina M


    What a great picture of the Reindeer I like how you did your title
  7. Tina M

    BlackBerry Baby

    This is so adorable! the pictures are fantastic and your DD's smile is priceless! love the lifted frames
  8. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful day!

  9. Happy Birthday Tina, May your days and year be filled with love, laughter, good friends and good health!


  10. Very Pretty! I like the sketch LO you used
  11. Tina M


    He's a beauty! great LO..tfs
  12. I hope that you both get many many years of wonderful brews! Hubby and I do only 1 cup a day, so not the economical choice for this house... ENJOY! great color choice for the challenge too
  13. Great LO Vaughnde The pictures are terrific with the colors for the challenge
  14. Tina M

    My Weeds

    Thanks Jo and Pat, It's funny, I thought it resembled something used in fall crafts as well, but I never knew the name of those red berries. Now I know it will stay forever and thank you for your lovely comments too
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