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  1. I made stationery YEARS ago, way before digital scrapbooking was invented. I had a program that was mostly clip art - I bought it to make Christmas letter stationery, but also made some other everyday stationery with it. My Christmas letter ones were 8.5 x 11. No idea now what size I made the everyday pieces.
  2. Terri, Anne-Marie has good ideas that I would try first. If that distorts it too much, you could try the following: Place the overlay on your page and resize it for the width of your page, keeping the shift key down to retain its original aspect ratio (ie don't distort as you resize). Move the top of that layer so it's right at the top of your layout. Duplicate that layer, and shift the duplicate so it's correctly at the bottom of your layout. Then, using a layer masks (or the eraser brush if you don't know layer masks yet), erase using a hard-edged brush where you clearly have no need of the second layer. In the middle, where you need the two areas to work together well, use a soft-edged brush to erase. The undo key will help you fix mistakes, and of course, if you are using layer masks rather than the erase brush, you can undo to your heart's content by painting in white if you make a mistake. If the meet-up areas aren't quite perfect, you could always cover it up with a different brush layer - in this case, a snowflake brush would be great. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
  3. I don't know if it's the same in PSE, but in PS I go to Image/Image Size and can see how many inches my item is and at what dpi.
  4. You have hit the nail on the head, Mikelle. I don't even download the png files when there is a corresponding psd file. The time to be careful, though, is with paper templates - sometimes some of the files are only in png, but in the same paper template set there will be one or more files that also has a psd file. Just make certain that if, for example, there are 6 paper templates in the set, that you end up with 6 different paper templates, whether they be png or psd files.
  5. Almost always, I start with the photos. But occasionally, I will go to my tagging system of choice (ACDSee) and choose one of the kits that I've basically tagged, "I love this and must figure out where to use it!" and go from there. I, like Angie and Conda, often MUST have a kit, whether I think I have photos to use with it yet or not. LOL. I can always take pics to fit it later, right?!
  6. Soooo much goodness to love in Emily's store! This is a fav of mine - I love the lineup of cutie owls!
  7. I adore Cindy's style! I could easily list 10 favorites, but will try to restrain myself:) I love her vintage collections and spring collections, but some of my favorite layouts were made with her beach and tropical ones, so here's my fav for today: I absolutely love the bird, the wood paper, and the gorgeous word art.
  8. I know it's already been mentioned, but as I'm a Bookworm myself, this is absolutely my favorite product of Jennifer's thus far!
  9. I think each of Laura's amazing products is my next favorite, but I keep returning to this one again and again. Can't get enough of the twine wrapped alpha, the cute animals, terrific word art, and lovely papers with such depth!
  10. One thing I love about Syndee is how versatile she is. Many of us have one thing we are good at designing, or we are good at designing in one particular style, but Syndee does it ALL well! One of my many favorites of Syndee's:
  11. Congratulations, Diane!
  12. Many of my favorites have been mentioned, but this one, W.O.W. - I adore overlays and I adore moose and other wildlife:
  13. Thank you, Cindy! Ah, the penguin excursion. We need to do that again someday!
  14. Congratulations, Hilary! I hope you enjoy the item you choose!
  15. Thank you, Marlene! I'd like to do a few more of the stained glass embellishment. Obviously I have a "thing" for stained glass:)