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  1. I love looking at older layouts (from anyone!) to see how styles have changed, both in designing and scrapping. Here's an older one of mine using one of the first kits I purchased here: I used Durin Eberhart's Beach House. And this guy is now 14!
  2. Gorgeous page! I love the blending and that you included the metro map on the page!
  3. This is wonderful - Teeheehee to the article name!
  4. Herons are majestic for sure! Gorgeous page, with the pops of color in the cluster, to the elegant neutral background.
  5. What an amazingly beautiful tribute to Jody! I love the addition of the Willow Tree sculpture as an embellishment, and Jody's lovely smiling face blended in. Such symbolism, with her friendship blended into your life as well. *hugs*
  6. You can't receive any new messages.Oops, I'll get on that!
  7. Ok, I'm in! PM me if you're looking for a roommate!
  8. Conda, I'm waiting until a little closer to the time to broach the topic with Jeff:) Although, maybe I should just plan on coming and inform him!! Besides, it'll be cheaper if I plan ahead and have a roommate rather than coming last minute and everyone already have one, right? I think that's good, sound logic.
  9. What an awesome surprise to wake to this morning! I love this page - and you even used one of my templates! Thank you, "Cheri's Scrap Guy" !!
  10. My layout:
  11. You'll have to wait until Thursday to find out which template this is! (Photo Book 4) Digital scrapbooking kit ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Stained Glass - Halloween, by Cheri Thieleke at Moonlight Masquerade Collection Biggie Value Pack: Eventide
  12. And maybe, just maybe, if I work my tail off getting us settled, maybe I can be a late addition to the "party" in KC!! (If we have any money left after closing, lol).
  13. I'll probably have to sit this one out - We are MOVING!! Just eight blocks, lol, but to a bigger, beautiful house! Cross your fingers for us, as closing is April 4 and we'll move in that weekend (7/8th). We just had the inspection today and will get the full report tomorrow, but he didn't seem to find anything big that is wrong with it. I'll miss you all desperately. This will be the first meetup I haven't been able to attend since I started coming to them in 2011/12? (I'd have to look back at my scrapbooks to remember which year was my first meetup).
  14. Beautiful work, Melanie! I love how you used the stained glass elements as decorations on the wreath!
  15. Unfortunately, no, you cannot make a flat file like a quick page (png file) into a layered file (psd/tif). However, if you have the kit the quick page was made from, you could recreate it with the various pieces/files and save that as a layered psd so you can change what you'd like to change. Are you in the Scrap Girls monthly club (the one that debuts the first of each month)? The bonus products in the clubs always contain about 5 layered templates - so it's like a quick page, except you get the actual .psd file. You can change whatever you want on those!