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  1. The ladies are right, MariJ. You can do it in Elements using the menu File>Process multiple files option. My advice would be to do them in batches putting each batch into a seperate folder. That way it should ease the burden on your computer. Then merge all the folders into one when finished, should you want to.
  2. Thanks Hilary! We have a couple of those stores locally so I'll try there!
  3. Thanks Aggie & Carla! I'll test out some other adhesives. Might be a case of under or over application - you know how heavy-handed us blokes can be! lol!
  4. Hi Gang! I have another question.. When I print my base card, I'm using 300 - 330 gsm card (I'm sorry I don't know the poundage). Should I be printing any embellishments that "stand proud" of the base card from the same heavy card or should it be lighter weight stock? I've tried a couple of things, but I don't know if its the shape/size of the embellishment or the weight (or lack of weight) thats giving me issues such as the embs coming off the card etc. (And yes, I'm using more adhesive lol!) What do you do? Cheers
  5. Gorgeous Work! Love the period feel! TFS
  6. Thanks for the nice comments! Really appreciated. Ngaire, how nice to here from you again! Hope you're ok!
  7. I should point out that the plane is from an old Traveller collection by Brandy Murray - I have'nt bought any new stuff yet
  8. From the album DaveUK1

    New Siggy for my new adventures
  9. Wow - thanks for the concise and fast replies. Bit late in the day here now, but I'm off to give it a try over the next couple of days.
  10. Hi Gang! I've gotten into making cards digitally and I often see this "hybrid" term around the forum and in magazines etc. and I'm confused by its meaning. Am I correct in thinking that the cards are designed and printed like digital Scrapbook pages.. Or.. Are they printed as a "background" to which printed and other embellishments are added? I would be grateful as ever if someone could enlighten me. Thanks D ps Apologies for typo in title. Brain going faster than fingers!!
  11. Hi Pamela! I don't know if this applies in the States, but over here, the Wacom BAMBOO range is a good starting point. They come in a couple of sizes. Also we have the Intuos series. They are generally bigger (hence more expensive!) but have more functionality built into them. The one I use is a Wacom Intuos 5 touch, The area covered by the active part of the tablet is A5 in size, but the device is a good size bigger. Any of the current range of Wacoms should work with CS4. It all dpeneds on how much space you have and your budget. HTH Dave
  12. Hi Gwen! Glad you are back! Always happy to see another SG return.
  13. Thanks for all the kind words. Feel free to browse my gallery of older stuff. New stuff on the way soon.
  14. Hi Lorene! You dont say if you are on a mac or a pc. If you have a PC do a search on the internet for a company called piriform. I wont link it because it may contravene the TOS. When at piriforms site, download and run a program called Ccleaner. Just install the basic option and then run an analysis and a clean. Once the first pass is done, Clean the registry (its the second option down) and when thats finished shut down and re-start your system. That should clear up the issue, hopefully!