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  1. After training Bella (labradoodle) while my daughter was here, she moved out on Thurs (with Bella) and we picked up our new little girl, a mini aussie. We named her Remi. I'm going to be super busy with her for awhile so still won't be too involved in scrapping for a bit but I'll be back :)

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    2. bcgal00


      Mari - yes I miss having Jen here (and Bella) but they are 5 minutes away so we'll still see them often and Remi does keep me so busy that I don't have time to miss them too much LOL. Between play, bathroom, feeding, training, etc, I'm kept busy most of the day and she has to go out at least twice a night right now so I'm already sleep deprived. I'm thrilled tho b/c she is exactly the right fit for our family.

    3. MariJ


      Well, that sounds good for you all, Rae - I'm happy for you!

    4. alsoarty


      I saw Remi's photos on Facebook. So adorable. It's a handful to train a puppy. Good luck!

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