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  1. I went back and saved it as a jpeg and it printed...go figure??
  2. I am attaching a screenshot....I can't get the snowman to print. I dragged this on top....when I try to print it only prints the trees!!
  3. I don't know what I can do with this....it's only a 3x 4 and when I change the pixels to 300 it's like 1 in....doesn't work on a 12 x 12 page, plus it's one event...it would be just this photo.
  4. Hi there... yes I could try those but here's the issue... original photo is only a 3 x 4 when I change the pixels to 300 it makes it 1 in....way too small for the strips....if I try to make it larger again it distorts.
  5. Yes wondered that too...BUT photo is small....I always change the pixels from 72 to 300, this photo is only 4 x 3 to start with.... heres another one....so tiny!! This is 2 x 4 with 96 pixels....not the greatest photo to start with....don't see how I could do anything with this??
  6. I will try that...its really small 3 x 4 and 72 pixels....when I change it too 300 not much is left. Yep, same pet peeve....they don't get why I'm always there with my camera....but theres just times I can't be there and these are the types of photos I receive. The photo below is 2 x4 at 96 pixels...I don't see how I can make this into anything....too tiny How are you my friend??
  7. Frustrated! Members of my Sorority keep sending me camera phone pictures for my 12 x 12 scrapbook.....I've told them that its very difficult to use them....I usually take my camera....I am attaching one that was sent...let me know....I don't think this can be used.As it is, quite a glare?? Thoughts...
  8. My redo now I'm wondering if the text is a little distracting.... before it got lost in the gray....GRR!! Just changed text to Soft Light...that worked.....
  9. Yes, my text was at the top....I kept trying to use a layer mask with brush....Voila! The eraser worked....I enlarged my text and made it bold!! Looks a lot better!!! Thanks!!
  10. Margi has been doing her best to help me....is there a way to get rid of pattern across her hands?? Also text is lost that I added below picture...I tried adding a gray paper underneath but doesn't change anything....I'm used to being able to use a layer mask...but that's not doing anything either.
  11. I'm trying to figure out how to get my text show up at very bottom of this layout....if you look real close I had done some journaling under life is......the script paper is kind of running into it plus he's got a glob of yellow on his shirt....how do I fix this?
  12. Here's my redo
  13. I agree, not allowing a focus...I guess I don't know what to do....Illuminate Our Style was our theme....35 was the year of style show and I felt I needed to list the designers...I had kind of tried to spread them out as in grouping....open to aa suggestion...I'm in agreement with you....
  14. I created this title page for adjoining pictures of style show....not sure if its not a little busy...I always have a little difficulty getting it to scale...I really wanted to get all of this info on page....open to suggestions.
  15. I do have some questions about this first page....the yellow goes across his shirt and bottom....and also there is background script that runs along bottom...I had put journaling in there and it kind of runs together. How do I fix that?