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  1. I perhaps might consider doing that....not sure, I've never grouped events together before.. usually I go by age in succession...I am going to attach one I did last year but of course, its one event. certainly sledding and pool party doesn't work together! Ha! .any suggestions how you would title ?I could do the masks on some of photos I have then...may not flow as well but........
  2. Thank you!!
  3. Marj they are only 2x3
  4. How Darling!!
  5. As most of you know I'm stuck with camera phone photos and have done several layouts...I was wondering, instead of doing a print photobook since it requires a good photo what about me uploading to dropbox and just doing a share? Would this be an option?
  6. I appreciate your help!!
  7. I see what you are talking about! I have a DSLR, if I lived close I would take photos of her. When I did my scrapbook for sorority I took alot of pics but also was sent alot of I Phone pics....some horrible.
  8. Phone camera...well I guess I'm in a pickle! I had just done this so that will be the same, correct?
  9. Do you mean about her face being blurry?
  10. Yes, Camera phone pics....should I do something else? I resized it in Photo Zoom ! They all are, what would you suggest I do?
  11. I bet it would! I redid this to look right opposite the sledding photo. The only thing is it seems like the focus is on that big balloon! Also wondering if there's a little distortion in her face.Not sure it looks right....Help! I tried extracting her and put on solid, I don't really like it.. Am attaching original photo.
  12. Yes, I'm not ready to split yet!! Sorry for the confusion, Yes the shadow from binder will be on left....I always love the focus on the photo instead of a ton of embellishments. Thank You!! What I had meant overall was I had positioned the photo to the left because that layout will be on left page of photo book, when you see layouts on right, like one with balloon I put it on right or right side of phonebook. I had others mention about being sure everything looks in conjunction....like a photo of her on a scooter, they said not to place it on right because it looked like she was riding off the page, so basically I kind of centered . Hope that makes sense.
  13. These are stunningly beautiful!! I want mine to look as beautiful. But I'm confused. I don't understand what you mean by fold. I tried redoing this one but not sure it looks any better. I guess I need some help! If I make the papers that small there's no room for any journaling. The photo above with the balloons the photo has nothing really in it... The one with Michigan State I can't make her that big.open to suggestions! I guess I'm wondering if I should just make the paper the larger third. Very confused.
  14. Linda my friend! Can you give me an example please? I have some difficulty with this size.
  15. Thank You!!