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  1. Yes, its a Mac! Oh thats whats going on in Dropbox takes a moment to refresh.... I think I need to purchase another external. Yes, I do the same with scrapbooking I always have a "feel" for what I want with a particular photo. The elements are very difficult to sort through...In Iphoto you had a large visual. I could do it in regular photos but like everything theres a charge and no way would it take PSD files Hey, I just was on the website for dropbox...I changed it to large grid and it worked....Now I have another question....Would there be a way to post one of the sheets from kits to outsid
  2. April, Thank you for your response. I had moved everything off my computer, digital kits, to make more room on my hard drive to dropbox. My issue is now when I'm scrapping I can't find anything easily....I used to use Iphotos which I loved. Dropbox only shows a very small thumbnail which makes it difficult to find anything. Do I need another program on my computer for organziation. Especially the current files I'm working with? Also alot of programs won't take files such as PSD's which I have from Brandy Murray
  3. I have put all my files in dropbox.....kits that is...I need some advice in organizing. I can't find anything easily!
  4. Are any of you storing your kits in dropbox and if so do you have a technique on your storage????
  5. I so very much appreciate all of you!! I had been taking a break from scrapping for a bit...I had something strange happen...photos I knew I put files in there...nothing showed up when I hit the icon. I used the search as mentioned above and searched kits and would you beleive it opened? I thought I was losing my mind. Not only did I want to store my kits where I could see them easaly I wanted to have outside storage. Right now I'm using dropbox....I've been told I should get another external. Dropbox is expensive!! Also I storee alot of files on Amazon photos. Free service if you are a prime
  6. Thanks everyone!! I appreciate the suggestions!!
  7. Hi! I used to store my kits in IPhoto. Now that has been eliminated which is Photos cloud which I would have to pay for. I loved IPhoto in that I could find everything quickly. Now I can't find anything. Suggestions welcome!!
  8. Ann Marie, I just received your beautiful card....loved it so very much!!
  9. I received a beautiful card from Linda!! Just stunning! I love it!!!
  10. Oh, this is beautiful Linda!!
  11. This sounds like so much fun!! A couple of things I would like to point out....be sure you alot your size for your envelope...I usually allow .25 for top and bottom. Or you can simply make your own. Another thought, I have had cards returned simply because there were too many layers, for instance large flowers attached....they can be torn when they try to use mail meter...I have had cards returned because of this....
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