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  1. Molczan

    Wax Wings

    I love waxwings...they always look so smooth! Beautiful colors on the layout to go with them too!
  2. Yes! Cherry juice everywhere, lol. It's a tedious job. I like to cut them in half and dry them to throw in oatmeal, breads/muffins, salads or homemade granola bars. So I try to do as many as I can but I wish there was a way to automate the process more!
  3. I know they have new versions that work the same but are a little easier on the fingers. I have several kinds...In case I can con someone into helping me, lol!
  4. Molczan

    Bits April 1

    We recently got a puppy...I can so relate to this right now! 🤣
  5. I can't wait for the cherries to come on again this year. Won't be long now! :-) Uses: Orchardist Collection Mini
  6. Awesome! Do butterflies or hummingbirds like them?
  7. Beautiful! Like the little bird too. Wish I had the climate to grow them but I'm thinking they are more tropical?
  8. Molczan

    Sweet Face

    Oh, that face! Adorable!
  9. Molczan


    Loved using all the purple on this layout of my mom and aunt. Just reminds me of summer days! Uses: Orchardist Collection Mini
  10. Yes, we have been growing for bakeries and noodle makers. But we have just changed up our packaging and are working on a website so that we can sell 5lb bags to end consumers and home bakers too.
  11. I have some friends in Clackamas...they were sure hit hard with the storm too. Glad you're ok!
  12. Molczan

    Easter Dresses

    The girls are old enough were they really love getting dressed up now. Uses: Cloverfield Collection Mini
  13. Molczan

    This Moment

    Every year there are more Easter pics of the grandkids...trying to keep up on the layouts! Uses: Cloverfield Collection Mini and Cloverfield Embellishment Clusters
  14. Molczan


    My grandson really gets into finding Easter eggs but he's going to have to find a lot to fill that bucket, lol! Uses: Cloverfield Collection Mini and Cloverfield Embellishment Clusters
  15. Love those deep, rich colors!
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