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  1. I love having all the grandkid photos to scrap! But with 4 of them all in the 2 and 3 year range now, I have a feeling that I will keep falling farther and farther behind, lol! Layout uses: ABL_Autumn Brambles Collection ABL_SSEmb_Forest Frames
  2. I love this and the perspective!
  3. Wow! I love that brush and the picture you chose to use with it! Stunning!
  4. Thank you everyone! Yes, we did pretty good on the wheat last was the dried Orca beans that kicked our behinds! So much technique to learn and tooling up for any new crop is expensive, so you wind up making due with the machines you have and that complicates things. But as the years go by we are leaning so much, getting better/fixed up equipment and things are starting to go smoother! :-)
  5. Hey, where did you find that old photo of me? lol! Love the diagonal style of this layout!
  6. Sometimes life on the farm seems like a continual struggle. Things rarely go right the first time, you're usually tired, sore or slightly injured. It's easy to just put blinders on and keep plodding forward. Then there are those moments. When the sun hits the fields just right, when the wind creates ripples of sound across the ripening wheat or when the heat and stillness makes time just stop. That's when I need to just pause and appreciate it all. ABL_Digital Stickers: Barn Cats ABL_Fencerow Collection ABL_Prairieland Collection
  7. Love how you blended the photo on this!
  8. Love your composition and the subject!! Love tomatoes! We did good with our tomatoes this year and I was sad to see so many green ones still on the vine when the frost came.
  9. This came out perfect! Love that photograph!
  10. These are some pictures of my son & DIL doing a photo shoot for their Christmas cards. But I loved the photos so much I still wanted to scrap all of them, lol! Layout by Angela Blanchard uses: ABL_Autumn Brambles Collection ABL_Naturalists Journal Collection Biggie_Berries
  11. I would sooooo love to see ruins like this! So Awesome!
  12. I can't believe this little guy will soon be turning 3! I'm so glad for scrapbooking and being able to save and share these little memories! Layout by Angela Blanchard uses: ABL_Digital Stickers: Farm Dogs ABL_Digital Stickers: Barn Cats ABL_Fencerow Collection ABL_Feathered Friends Collection ABL_Western Rodeo Collection
  13. This is so sweet! I've got quite a few photos like this of my MIL, I may have to break one out and scrap it!
  14. I have been wanting to document this picture of my hubby for awhile and the colors of this collection just seemed to work perfectly, so I went for it! Journaling reads: I love this picture of you standing at the top of the hill, looking down at your childhood home. Your family came out to this ranch in the early 1970’s. You were the one who helped build the fences and dig irrigation ditches. You made the gates, set the irrigation pipe, and helped put up the structures. You ran cattle on this land, had horses, mules, chickens, cats and dogs. You learned how to hunt here and buck bales, you hiked these hills and roads. You have so many childhood stories to tell and most of them take place right in this valley. The photographs of your childhood were taken here. The birthdays, the holidays, the visitors, the livestock, the good memories and the bad took place right here. Some family and neighbors are still around but many are gone now. Places like this have such mixed emotions. I guess that is the definition of...home. ABL_Autumn Brambles Collection ABL_EmbMini_Naturalists Journal_Chipmunk
  15. Oh, how cute is that! I love cats and can't wait until my living situation changes so that I can have one again!