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  1. Molczan

    Week 39

    I love all the journaling and the font you chose! What a keepsake this will be!
  2. Molczan

    Weekend Chlg 7/7/18 Wire: Dani

    Wow! Love that egg! I've heard of people blowing out an egg and have always wanted to try it...but I'm a chicken, lol!
  3. Molczan


    What a wonderful idea! The blending of the top two photos with the bottom photo in color is gorgeous!
  4. Molczan

    Sept 15 Weekend Challenge - Orange Circle

    Wow! What a soft, gorgeous sunset!
  5. Molczan


    I had to save this one...the zucchinis are coming!
  6. Molczan


    What sweet kiddos! It looks like you're going to have a blast! Love the layout!
  7. Molczan

    Brussels Sprouts au Gratin

    Oh yum! I've never used half & half when cooking brussel sprouts, I'll have to give it a try!
  8. Molczan

    2016 08 20 Korys family.jpg

    Love it! Always great when there is a hobby the whole family can enjoy!
  9. Molczan

    June Haiku

    Hee, hee! I love it's top hat too!
  10. Oh, I love these type of silly face layouts! The blue flowers are just the perfect touch!
  11. Molczan

    God paints the universe.jpg

    Love the oranges and golds in this! Stunning!
  12. Molczan


    Love the warm tones on this and the clean look! Beautiful!
  13. Molczan


    Love how clean this is and the starfish picking up on the color of his shirt is perfect!
  14. Molczan

    Life is Beautiful

    That photo was the perfect choice for that framing style. Love it!
  15. Molczan

    Honoring my spouse on Father's Day

    Love this! The title turned out great and so fun!