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  1. Oh sweet! I can't wait to see it!
  2. My MIL loved Geraniums, so this collection was just perfect to document her birthday! Layout uses: Hummingbird Summer Collection Mini
  3. Molczan

    Take 3

    Love those tall masted ships along with the blue colors you used! Beautiful!
  4. Love all the pup's expressions! Glad you didn't crop that ear either, lol! Love the fresh colors and the blending!!
  5. Wowza! They are growing fast! I love the layout and I think that was a photo shoot win. The last time I tried to get all 4 grandkids together, one was reading, one looked at the camera, one was either crying hysterically or had her bottom lip stuck out pouting and the other just looked like he was trying to gnaw my arm off to get away. Gotta love em!
  6. OMG, the dog! Or is that baby Yoda?! 🤣
  7. Molczan

    Loves Horses

    Love those rich colors and patterns! There is nothing like the bond between a girl and her horse! Love it!
  8. Molczan

    Sweet Ride

    My grandson loves cars and trucks, so I think I'm going to be doing a lot of layouts like this in the future, lol! Layout uses: Scrapyard Collection Biggie
  9. Wow, that photo just says it all! Love your title work...the lines in Christchurch and the break through Earthquake really help to tell the story.
  10. We're going to miss you! But spending time with grandchildren & gardens sounds wonderful! Enjoy!
  11. Thank you MariJ! Yes, I did all my sample layouts using only this collection and found that it was really easy to work with. I know it's still cold outside but I was really in the mood for some flowers! I hope you enjoy it!
  12. Love this! The leaves work great with this picture. Wow! To hold a sloth would be great!
  13. Molczan

    Project Life Week 9-a

    Awe, these little guys are about the same age as my grandchildren! So entertaining, lol!
  14. Love the style that you put on this! It really makes it pop, yet it blends into the background beautifully too! Love it!
  15. Love this picture of my mom with my older brother (her first baby). She looks so young and happy. You can tell she's really enjoying being a mother! Layout uses Hummingbird Summer Collection Mini
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