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  1. Thank you so much. I shall begin to play with this. I love all the help people are willing to share/
  2. I am using Brandy's collection that has 16 white papers with different embossing. I do have her other embossing in my styles. I should have clarified what I was using. Thank you for the reply.
  3. I like the embossed look. I purchased Brandy Murray's Embossed but I can't find how to apply the embossed look to the paper I want to use. I know it is probably something simple that I am missing but I couldn't find any instructions on how to do it. Any help would make my day.
  4. What great ideas you all have. I have time to really experiment with lots of new looks. I am not exactly what can be called creative but with the help of all the scrap girls community I hope I'm getting better.
  5. I am making progress. I think I was over thinking everything. My original thought was to put shelves at varying heights and have snow globes with family pictures. If I use a background paper it shows through on all the globes. A white background would be too harsh. My next project will be to get the background right. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  6. These suggestions are wonderful. I didn't realize the importance of correct layering. I am going to experiment with everything.Thanks to everyone. I do love the little girl in the globe.
  7. I'm not able to post a screen shot - I have had several replies with suggestions and I am going to try them all. Grateful for everyone's help. What usually happens when I get something new is I will eventually have an aha moment and it will all come together.
  8. I purchased SNU_SSEmb_Snow Globes. I'm using PSEv15. Scrap girls community is the best. Thanks MariJ.
  9. I recently purchased this and I am trying to master it. Not much luck so far. Are there any printed directions or a tutorial to help someone get started? I have tried putting several together but it seems as if something is missing. I will keep on trying and one day the light bulb may go on. Thanks everyone.
  10. Thanks MariJ. I had a crash a few months ago but I was able to reinstall my program. It's so frustrating when things don't work as they are supposed to and the experts can't give you an answer to solve the problem.
  11. Thanks Brandy. I've tried the Adobe help pages to no avail. I may just have to live with it.
  12. I use PSEv15. The thumbnails in several of my styles are not visible. The names appear but the thumbnails are so faint I can't see them The styles are ASO Frosted Glass and BMU Emboss-Engrave. In my previous version of pse they were totally visible so I could see the particular one I wanted to use. I have looked everywhere for a fix but I can't find one. Anyone else have this problem? I know someone has an answer for me. Thank you for the most knowledgeable scrappers anywhere.
  13. This is the most awesome group of people ever. I can't say enough thanks for how they helped me out. Service like this is so rare in the world today. Angie - you are the greatest.
  14. Had a major crash - was able to reinstall PSEv15 from my Adobe account. All of my supplies were saved but I lost all the styles and actions I had loaded. Is there any way to get a list of what styles and actions I downloaded so I can reorder them?
  15. I finally took the plunge and got PSE15. It is a little different but I think you will like it. It has a lot of nice features. I may order some new styles to install. Will all of the styles in the boutique work in the new version as long as they are for elements? There isn't much information on the Adobe site for how to copy styles from a previous version. I'm glad that I got back to scrapping. It can keep me busy for hours.