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  1. This is the most awesome group of people ever. I can't say enough thanks for how they helped me out. Service like this is so rare in the world today. Angie - you are the greatest.
  2. Had a major crash - was able to reinstall PSEv15 from my Adobe account. All of my supplies were saved but I lost all the styles and actions I had loaded. Is there any way to get a list of what styles and actions I downloaded so I can reorder them?
  3. I finally took the plunge and got PSE15. It is a little different but I think you will like it. It has a lot of nice features. I may order some new styles to install. Will all of the styles in the boutique work in the new version as long as they are for elements? There isn't much information on the Adobe site for how to copy styles from a previous version. I'm glad that I got back to scrapping. It can keep me busy for hours.
  4. Cathy: I am currently using pse v10. I was debating going to v15 and finally decided to do it. I had a chat session with a rep and he told me I could keep the old version if I wanted to. Should I be ordering the upgrade and does it leave your old version out there without changing it? I feel rather stupid right now, but I am totally clueless. Help!!! Thanks. Sassy Granny (Joyce)
  5. Thank you for your reply. I hope to be able to install them in pse15. Someone at Scrap Girls always has the answers.
  6. I have been away from my scrapping for a while and I really want to get back in. I have PSEv10 and I have added a lot of styles, actions, etc and I wonder if I will be able to move them over to PSE15 or if I have to start from the beginning. I know someone will have an answer for me. Thanks
  7. Thank you teecee. I should be able to follow your instructions. They are very clearly written. Sassy
  8. Hello Everyone: Been away from scrapping for quite some time. Ready to get back. Long story short - old pc had PSE8 (love it- always managed to figure out how to do what I wanted). New pc has PSE10 - I copied over my SS layeer styles and installed the Mirror action. I feel as if I am at ground 0 and learning all over again. I cannot get it to work and I'm sure I am just missing something. I know it's installed correctly because it shows up in the actions in the guided edit section. It says action completed when I run it but it doesn't show up. Can anyone help? Thanks, SassyGranny