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  1. Erinn passed her EMT Final tonight.  We are very excited for her.  She is on her way!

    1. MariJ


      That’s great Amy and congratulations to Erinn!  

    2. CRS


      Congratulations!! How exciting!

  2. Pretty Much Perfect Collection Mini ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Whimsical Templates Vol2 Thanks for looking!
  3. Belle is my very brave girl and I admire her adventurous spirit so much! ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Hello 2018 May Aged and Grey Collection Biggie Zoomba Collection Biggie
  4. Excited to learn new scrapping techniques in the Chat Room with April! Come join us!

    1. SodScrap


      Gah.  I totally missed this...missed that it was evening happening.  :blink:

  5. This is so pretty. I LOVE the photo frame tucks, and the vintage horticultural elements are totally cool with the stamps. And the title is fantastic!
  6. Love the blended background and all the layering - Mark likes to cook too with similiar results! I think Henry and Mark would get along.
  7. This is so soft and pretty. I love the subtlety of the embellishments flat and blended into the paper. And the faded lyrics bring an added emphasis to the journaling - Very cool page. Lots of symbolism.
  8. So cool! I love the blending in the brickwork and the partial sketchwork. Love it!
  9. What a fun layout! I love the flamingo and the feathers tucked neatly into the clusters. And that smile - wow!
  10. So clean and neat - and the color palette is very appealing. So nice.
  11. Awww - so sweet - what a clean simple page with such beautiful focus on your handsome young boy! Great layout!
  12. Love the way you captured the bold purple in the matte and the tags below the photo. Your floral clusters are super pretty too!
  13. Wonderful work! So much to look at with all the layers, and the paint swatches gently giving depth to the corner of your beautiful photo. Your grands are getting so big!
  14. Love the way the picture spills out of the frame - and look at how high Gemma jumped the jump! Nikki did a great job despite the refusals! And you got a great shot.
  15. So pretty!