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  1. mimes1

    Cape Town SA sunset

    Oh Rest my beating heart! I miss the Cape too....Beautiful sunset.
  2. mimes1


    Thankful for You CollectionScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Pretty Paper Pieces This picture was about a year into our marriage. I had just found out I was pregnant with Isabelle. Photo by Frank Frost Photography
  3. mimes1

    The Best of Friends

    Family Ties Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Whimsical Templates Vol3 One of exactly TWO pictures I have with my friend Delores!
  4. What a wonderful layout! I love everything about it - especially you two!
  5. mimes1

    Welcome Img Thread Art

    Hi PattyAnne! So nice to see you around these parts again!
  6. mimes1

    The Guys & Gals (Wedding)

    Love, Love LOVE this!! Every detail - the light color palette, the word art on the hanging chains, the title work - and the beautiful wedding party - all Fantastic@
  7. mimes1


    Honey Garden Collection Biggie Freestyle 2 Embellishment Templates Belle went with a tour group to Croatia this summer and had a blast at the swim stops off the boat.
  8. mimes1

    Beautiful Moment

    Awakening Collection Biggie Blended 4 A light hearted wedding moment. One of my favorites from our album.
  9. mimes1

    Super Dad

    Love the use of the triangles - very creative and well done!
  10. mimes1


    Very cool. I love the round and the black and white! The texture, the lines, everything! Love it.
  11. mimes1

    Erinn and Paul

    Primavera Collection ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Instant Photo Clusters Erinn and Paul in their young Love. Photos by Belle Flanagan
  12. mimes1

    Bee My Honey

    So pretty!
  13. mimes1

    Nice > Promenade des Anglais

    This is so creative! The clean lines and the use of the triangles is so inviting - I just want to walk into the page with them!
  14. mimes1

    Wedding Rings on Stripes

    So uniquely laid out and creative. Just beautiful!
  15. mimes1


    Honey Garden Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Edge Them Erinn and Mark and Grandpa when Erinn was little...