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  1. Welcome to Scrap Girls! Your layouts up there look very nicely done! You're off to a great start. We're a friendly bunch so ask away for any questions you might have!
  2. HI Debby - just found this. I'm not sure what it looks like in PSE, but in photoshop (CC) if you go to Edit>Preferences>Scratch Disks. There you can set your scratch disk to any drive you like. In earlier versions I seem to remember that you could also set the percentage of the drive that you would allow it take - (the higher the percentage the slower the function) but I always set mine pretty high. I don't actually see it here on my current version CC 2019 - but check your PSE - it might be there.
  3. This is amazing in every way! Love the layers, the hinges, the transition to the line art, the subtleties of the chicken wire - the shadowing - everything. Just perfect.
  4. Such a pretty layout. I love the subtle blending in the background, the vining, and the rough edges on the photos. Gorgeous.
  5. mimes1

    When in Doubt Punt

    This caught my eye right away! So creative!
  6. That is so cool! Love the photography and also the blended edges. Awesome work.
  7. mimes1


    LOVE this!
  8. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Storyboard Rustic Wedding Collection Biggie This so suits these two! Thanks for looking!
  9. Here's a favorite of mine from the gallery: Jane's Reflection Layout
  10. This is one of my all time favorites. Uses Ginny's Family Ties Collection Biggie and Family Ties Collection Super Mini
  11. Angie's July Sketch Flower Shower Collection Our masks have to make statements these days!
  12. ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates Paper Tears2 ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates Lifted Photos ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates Paper Tears Fall Farmhouse Collection Biggie Cozy Autumn Collection Mini ScrapSimple Paper Templates: The Grunge Effect - Textures Summer Garden Collection Biggie More wedding pictures !
  13. mimes1

    Coffee and Gardens!

    Value Pack: This Beautiful Life In Pieces Volume 23 - 12x12 Temps Love my coffee and my garden - my favorite place to be.
  14. What do you miss during this pandemic time? I miss being able to freely see my friends. And I miss going to my friends coffee shop. Have you tried anything new lately? I ordered a new movie channel called Pureflix. Kind of like the Hallmark Channel on steroids. Lots of feel good, Christian, wholesome family content. What camera do you use to take photos? I have a very nice Canon Digital SLR, but alas, I've gotten lazy and largely use my phone. What is the last gift you received? Erinn, Paul and Mark made an outside table as a surprise back in May I think. Now it's a workbench for them. Haha, but it's the thought that counts! My questions: 1) What do you want to do when you retire someday? If you're already retired, what are you doing now? 2) Do you like color on your walls at home or do you stay with a very neutral paint palette and let your furniture do the talking? 3) When you were a kid, was it a bigger deal to go to the pool or run through the sprinkler? 4) What was your favorite comfort food when you were a kid?
  15. 1. Do you watch Christmas movies in July? No2. Vegan or carnivore? A little of both but lean more toward greener, fresher food than fatty grissely meat. I guess that's really a vote for vegan!3. Talk radio or music when you drive? Neither - silence! It's the only quiet time in my entire life. 4. choice of Boots in winter or scarf? Definitely cute boots. 1) Do you like a soft pillow or a hard pillow? 2) Do you lean towards single photo layouts or multi Photos? 3) Do you prefer bolds, pastels or neutrals? 4) Shower or bath? Hot or cool?
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