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  1. Erinn just accepted a job for a full time ambulance dispatcher!


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. CRS


      Congratulations Erinn! How exciting and rewarding for her!

    3. Marie-Christine


      Congratulations to Erinn, I wish her every success in her job!

    4. Smiles


      Congratulations to Erin!

  2. mimes1

    Share Your Heart Challenge - Steadfast Love

    So pretty! I love the lyrics of this song - and the yellow and purple together is both calming and empowering at the same time.
  3. mimes1

    Share Your HeART Faith-spiration Challenge

    Here's mine - I used Be Ye Glad Faith Journal Collection and Bold-n-Beautiful Collection Biggie I"ve been loving this song for a while - but when I saw the video it totally made me cry. Zach Williams - Fear Is a Liar (Official Music Video) - YouTube Here's the link.
  4. mimes1

    Share Your HeART Faith-spiration Challenge

    I'm looking forward to participating!
  5. mimes1

    Dancing with Daffodils.jpg

    So bright and colorful. Love it!
  6. mimes1

    Surf's Up by Susie Roberts

    Such a cool layout!
  7. mimes1

    Hello from Maine:)

    Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  8. mimes1

    Endless Possibilities WW 6/23

    Amazing layout! So much to look at, with such good energy. Gorgeous!
  9. mimes1


    Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  10. mimes1

    Shout it from the rooftops

    Yes! Love this! - I must check this out in the boutique!
  11. mimes1


    Love the bright colors and the AJ feel to this! Fantastic!
  12. mimes1


    Seriously cool effect!
  13. Thanks Marilyn for this! Will try this on my next upload too!
  14. mimes1


  15. mimes1


    Such a cool layout! I love the sketch action and how that portion is under the title and over the words. This is scraplift worthy! Love it.