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  1. You have placed all the vertical elements in all the perfect places. This is such a cool layout.
  2. mimes1


    So pretty! The mosaic paper is perfect for the turthe page. Your clusters are really pretty!
  3. I keep coming back to look at this- the texture of the papers and flowers is really inviting, and the black background with the print mat just looks so good. Horses are a favored theme at our house, and this caught, and keeps catching my eye!
  4. You all look like you're having a fabulous cruise!
  5. LOVE your puppies! Such bright happy faces! The stitching circles over the photos is pretty cool, I especially like the way the stitching falls onto the background paper. Love the color palette too.
  6. @MariJ Here's the journaling. I need to remember to post it above when I post the layout. "When we traveled to South Africa to work with the Penquins, we took a couple of days off to travel to Gansbai. Shark diving there was big for eco-tourism, with the hopes of seeing Great White Sharks. I was so excited for the experience! This was in fall of 2017, and at the time it was a mystery that the Great White numbers were down. It has since been discovered that the Orca’s have come into this area of the South Atlantic Ocean and have been killing or displacing the Great White Sharks. It has
  7. This is super adorable! What on earth did he get into? Love the color palette, perfect for that perfectly cute blue muzzle!
  8. REally great layout! The title work nicely done with the giraffes behind it and the scroll work of the letter g. Love the way the extraction looks too. An eye catching layout!
  9. This is really amazing. The color strips is brilliantly creative, and the I love the bright color palette of it all. Wonderful work!
  10. @MariJ This IS me!! It was so bitter cold but so much fun!
  11. Serendipity Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie Hello Spring Collection (Blue tear dops) Rain Dance Collection Mini (Water droplets) ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Be Creative Frame
  12. Cute, cute pictures~ I love the layers you created for the mat, and the chicken wire is especially creative as the base. Super nice layout.
  13. mimes1

    WT B & W web.jpg

    So cool! Love the penguins, and how cool that you live there and can see them anytime. The penguin foot print border is very creative.
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