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  1. mimes1

    JJ_LO #2

    Amazing and creative layout! The thing that first caught my eye was the map blended into the water - then the outlines on the photos and the simple embellishments which are perfection. Fantastic work.
  2. mimes1

    Do What Makes You Happy

    Wow. This is fantastic!
  3. mimes1

    Rosemarythyme - Tami Miller CT

    Gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE This and so excited to see it on Gallery Standouts!
  4. mimes1

    Dec ATC 2 - white space

    So pretty!
  5. mimes1

    Handsome and Missed

    One of my favorite photos of Mark's dad. He's been gone 2 years this week. We miss him very much. Memory In a Moment
  6. mimes1


    Scrap Simple Club Color Pop!
  7. mimes1

    Heart Moment

    Heart Moment This is Marks mom. She had passed away long before I met Mark. Thanks for looking!
  8. mimes1


    LOVE the typography on this and the use of the embellishments over it all. Gorgeous!
  9. mimes1

    Convince me to upgrade to CC

    Ok - sounds good. I thought maybe since I didn't save the set that might have been part of the problem. I just redid everything and it seems better than it was but not quite the same as in CS4. I wonder if it's a setting somewhere. I have to go now but will play with this later today.
  10. mimes1

    Convince me to upgrade to CC

    Angie - whats the path for saving the style set in CC?
  11. mimes1

    Fall Raking

  12. mimes1

    Convince me to upgrade to CC

    Thank you Angie! I'll give it a shot.
  13. mimes1

    AFT - A Little Gratitude Sale & Free Kit

    Couldn't wait to get your new Color Swatch 01 and Plum Perfect - so this little beauty is already downloaded and ready to go! Thank you Amanda. It's lovely.
  14. mimes1

    Convince me to upgrade to CC

    Question about CC - I just upgraded to CC and it's messing with my styles. Primarily I'm using Syndees Shadows. Most often they look 10 times the size they normally do in CS4, and, some of them come out totally square or round and not the shape of the shadowed item. This could be a deal breaker. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
  15. mimes1

    Hello Happiness

    So Pretty!