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  1. mimes1

    Original Style

    Scrap Girls Club - Bohemian Bliss Thanks for looking!
  2. mimes1

    And Then We Were 5

    Do What You Love Collection Biggie Do What You Love Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Storyboard The wedding is less than ten days away!
  3. mimes1

    weekend wildcard

    Cool Effect!
  4. mimes1

    Everything is NOT Fine!

    Just saw this and this is adorable!
  5. mimes1

    January 2020

    The woodpecker really caught my eye. How cool that a Pileated is at your feeder! And look at those winter flower bouquets - you did a great job showcasing them!
  6. mimes1

    # 3 challenge - mask

    LOVE this page! Very striking use of the blender - the vertical elements in the photo are perfect in the vertical lines of the blender. The clean and graphic feel is awesome. Great page.
  7. mimes1

    Enjoy the Journey

    ScrapSimple Club My beautiful Mom. Thanks for looking!
  8. mimes1


    The task! The laundry is messy and so is this layout!
  9. mimes1


    So pretty - I love the texture and the layering, but mostly I love the photo and the love that is just felt from these two by looking at the picture. Lovely.
  10. mimes1

    For Jody: Tues Challenge 1/15/20 Sunset

    Such a lovely layout. And the sentiment and memory of Jody is even more lovely. Thank you for sharing.
  11. mimes1

    14 /1/20 - Uluru Sunset

    Wow. Gorgeous. Such a striking layout with the bold brilliant colors. And to think this is a nightly display. Just beautiful.
  12. mimes1

    Sunset on the beach

    So cool! I love the effects of the layers and filters. Very profound in a way.
  13. mimes1

    Rio Ranch Respite

    Backroads Collection Biggie Backroads Embellishment - Clusters ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Singular #1
  14. mimes1

    Sneak Peek 1/24

    I love these sneak peaks.
  15. mimes1


    Beautiful layout. Love the blues and browns and the texture.