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  1. mimes1

    You are my forever

    ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Blended Over Dynamic Brush Set: Background Blenders Menagerie Collection Biggie Menagerie Layered Mask Embellishments I forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for looking!
  2. mimes1

    See and Go

    February SS Club Emergence Collection Thanks for looking!
  3. mimes1

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  4. So pretty! I love the gradient from the "snow" to the horizon to the sky. Such a peaceful feeling you have created. Gorgeous layout.
  5. mimes1

    Wonderful With You

    With You Collection by DRB Designs! Love the blues and purples in Darryl's new collection!
  6. mimes1


    Large Masks Volume 2 by DRB Designs! We Have It All Collection Mini I love the artsy feel of these new templates.
  7. mimes1

    Someday I'll Play Challenge #2

    Super Creative! Love all the "movement" with the floor lines and the stars all around. You really exemplify the "hurry up and wait!" So cute.
  8. mimes1

    Eternal Memory

    Carol Wen-Xin Eternal Memory Layout Templates Angie's Club Love Notes Thanks for looking!
  9. mimes1

    Winter is Here

    Florju Designs Winter is Here SS Club Florju Cosy Winter It wasn't much snow but it was snow! Thanks for looking!
  10. mimes1

    Convince me to upgrade to CC

    Thanks so much!
  11. mimes1

    Convince me to upgrade to CC

    Hi everyone. These drop shadow changes turned out to be a bug that was fixed with the latest update! Yay! I've been playing with it all morning and now I'm actually sorta liking CC2019? Question: What color mode do you all create in? RGB? CYMK? RGB seems to be the default. Does anyone change it and if so why? Thank you!
  12. mimes1

    Welcome Word Art World

    Hi Jen! Welcome to Scrap Girls! I look forward to seeing more of your work!
  13. mimes1

    I"m Back!!!

    Welcome Back Silly!
  14. mimes1


    Love this! The title alpha is super cool, and the blocking on the photos and journaling is spot on. Awesome photos of all the birds near you!