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  1. Your blending is perfect, and the minimalist embellishments really makes your photo shine. How cool is that seeing a wallaby at your campsite! Awesome.
  2. This is really beautiful. I love the blending of the background with the single bird and minimal embellishments. Really nicely done.
  3. This is really cool. I like the way you masked the photo with the circel and then the mask above. The windmill looks awesome. Great shot, too!
  4. Wow - this is reallysuper. Your photo is so crisp and clean, a sign of perfect extraction! The gradient on your layout looks awesome. All the embs are nicely done too. Way to go.
  5. This is super cute. I like the super soft blending in the background with the blended heart. How perfect is that? The vertical journaling is a nice touch.
  6. Hello Lovely Collection Biggie Hello Lovely Embellishment Mini
  7. Beautiful layout. The way you used multiple photos but the page gives the eye plenty of places to rest is wonderful.
  8. Perfect. Love the merging triangles and your grungy frame. The clusters are perfectly placed!
  9. Love the layout on this - the round over the triangles is super. Beautiful page.
  10. Yum - I love the use of the triangles and leading into your center photo. The background really is a perfect choice. This caught my eye right away!
  11. mimes1

    Birds And Me

    Value Pack: White Out Photo taken on my retirement day!
  12. mimes1


    Really beautiful layout. The frame is spectactular, but I think what I like best is the little leg kick of your adorable grandaughter!
  13. The blended prints are fabulous. The out of box looks pretty fantastic too!
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