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  1. I agree with everyone that this is a fun way to get to know everyone! 1) My kids say I failed them in that I can't teach them how to do make up since I never wear it. My sister did me up for our wedding and I can count on two hands the number of times I've had make up on since then. That was 25 years ago! Too much time, trouble and money. 2) I'm working my dream job at the Zoo. I love working with the birds and learning new things everyday. 3) It sounds like alot of us here love birds. Me too. My favorite right now is African Penguins. 4) I really like getting up super early. Most days I'm up at 3:45, some days earlier. 5) Lately I've taken an interest in Bible Journaling. I like the mixed media sort of activity and I find that studying scripture in that manner makes it really stick. 6) I love coffee. Morning noon or night. You can mess with my dog and my kids, but don't mess with my coffee. 7) I moved to California from Michigan when I was 18 and I was homesick until I was 50. Now that my adult children live with me it's a blessing that I have the time with them that I didn't have with my mom because of the self imposed distance between us. 😎 I love our dogs. We have a Yellow lab, best dog ever, and Erinn and Pauls two big dogs are with us too. Best Grand dogs ever. I don't know why the smiley face is at the beginning of this sentence. It's supposed to be an 8! And it won't fix. 9) Chocolate cake is my favorite dessert. We discovered a local bakery that takes their cutoffs and makes these Grande size cake cups. They are huge and yummy and only $3.00 each. The beat Nothing Bundt Cakes by a long shot. It is now my weekly end of the week treat. Maybe middle of the week too. 10) My first trip out of the country ever was two years ago to Cape Town to work with the African Penguins. It was an amazing opportunity. On that trip I met up with Scrap Girl Belle. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to meet her and it was a really fun evening and felt like we'd known each other in real life forever.
  2. mimes1

    Beautiful Moments

    ScrapSimple Club Much More Me Collection Mini
  3. mimes1

    Show Goals

    Cozy Autumn Collection Mini Cozy Autumn Paper Mini - Woods Happy Anniversary Scrap Girls!!
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    Mostar, Bosnia

    ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Modern Rustic, series 3 Basically Fasteners Embellishment Mini ScrapSimple Paper Templates: End Papers
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    Monday CHATTER!

    This has been an awesome thread to read. So many memories. Back in the day the chat room was always busy. Sometimes even in the middle of the night you could check in and somebody was there just waiting for a chat. Meeting everyone in person at the two conventions was so much fun, and friendships were made which are true to this day. Meeting people from all over the world here at Scrap Girls, both online and in real life, is testimony to the community that has been built here. The longevity of Scrap Girls is what really stands out too, with so many going so far back, sharing so many memories, but all the while being so welcoming to new members. It's cool. I've been here since 2007, and have never looked back. Hard to believe it's been so many years. Also, I've wondered about Joyce too...
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    Patina Collection Super MiniScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Singular #1 We are a doggie family for sure! We love our puppies. Thanks for looking!
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    Precious Moments

    ScrapSimple Club Primavera Collection A vintage photo of Marks Dad Thanks for looking!
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    Soon to Be

    Chasing Dragonflies Lots of excitement at our house this week. Erinn and Paul officially engaged! Thanks for looking!
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    Fabulous in all Seasons

    Scrap Girls Club ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Pretty Paper Pieces Awesome Fall Collection! So many rich and deep tones to play with! Thanks for looking!
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    Finding Me

    So pretty! The texturey background is very nce and the cluster is beautiful!
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    That Smile

    That Smile Collection LOVE the rich colors in this collection! DRB knocked it out of the park again! Belle traveled to Croatia with a tour group last summer. Lots of new photos to work with! Thanks for looking!
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    Father Daughter Theatre

    Resplendent Collection ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Layered Shapes Resplendent is quickly becoming a favorite go - To! Mark and Belle go to the theater at least once a month. It has become a very special time for them together. Thanks for looking!
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    Zebra - in the wild

    such a cool layout. I love the simplicity and the striking lines. So creative!
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    Retirement Sale 2019

    This collection is the most represented across all my layouts!! Oh Zoomba You’ve been so wonderful!