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  1. Awesome layout! I agree with all the others that your background is fantastic. You and your grandaughter look great.
  2. mimes1

    Just me.

    Love this bright happy layout - you look wonderful!
  3. The sketched watercolor effect on this is totally cool. What a great happy photo - awesome that you and your sis are close. Cute doggies too.
  4. mimes1


    Serendipity Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Grungology
  5. mimes1

    Sept 7-Inspire

    Wow - Love the blending and the light background so the focal point stands out so well. Fantastic.
  6. Welcome to Scrap Girls! Looking forward to seeing your designs and getting to know you!
  7. What a gorgeous photo - your have displayed it beautifully. I love the delicate edgings on the mask, and the color palette is bright and cheerful. Great work.
  8. Gorgeous layout - everything about it is perfectly done!
  9. This sounds super frustrating! I hope you find a resolution fast!
  10. mimes1

    Make Today Amazing

    Scrap Girls Club Another beautiful Scrap Girls Club! Thanks for looking!
  11. This caught my eye right away! Beautiful extraction. I love the simpplicity of the design. It's perfect.
  12. Value Pack: A Creative LifeScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Grungology Thanks for looking!
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