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  1. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Just Blend It Value Pack: Fall was Here
  2. Wow. Just Wow. Beautiful. Love all the subtleties.
  3. HI Christine -I'm just seeing this too! I used a mask as well. I clipped the photo to the mask, then changed the blending mode on the mask to overlay. The blending mode is what allows the texture beneath (from the paper layer) show through the photo. Hope this helps!
  4. mimes1

    Joy in the Journey

    ScrapSimple Club Backroads Collection Biggie (Background paper)
  5. mimes1

    Story of Autumn

    Value Pack: Story of Autumn ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Story of Autumn
  6. super cute and very creative!
  7. mimes1

    Time is Precious...

    Eucalyptus Collection Biggie Eucalyptus Neutral Mixed Paper Mini Eucalyptus Clusters Embellishments
  8. mimes1

    September Sketch

    Angie's September Sketch HERE Indigo Love Collection Photo by Frank Frost of Frank Frost Photography
  9. mimes1


    Effortless Collection Biggie In Pieces Volume 23 - 12x12 Temps One of my favorite all time family photos.
  10. mimes1

    Positive Thoughts

    Value Pack: Positive Thoughts ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Just Blend It Photo by Frank Frost
  11. mimes1

    Houseplant Heaven

    Value Pack: Everyday Moment ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Clustered and Clean 2
  12. mimes1


    Life Montage Collection Biggie Value Pack: Build Your Own Layout The Reds and Teals at Erinn's Wedding Reception worked perfectly with this collection! Thanks for looking!
  13. mimes1


    Value Pack: Sunny Day Belle as a baby! How can it be almost 24 years ago already?
  14. mimes1

    A Little Puppy Love

    Value Pack: Dark and Beautiful
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