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  1. mimes1

    weekend wildcard challenge

    Very striking. The bubble button as a magnifying effect is fantastic. Excellent work!
  2. mimes1

    Explore, Dream, Discover!

    Belle is still glowing from her trip to Ireland! Live Life in Full Bloom Collection ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Large Masks Thanks for looking!
  3. mimes1


    Belle and Dwight lighting up the sidewalk with the bright colors and shining attitude! Sunset Bouquet Collection Mini ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Large Masks Thanks for looking!
  4. mimes1

    Remembering Grandma

    Back in the day this was a pretty racy photo, with grandma showing off her baby bump - of my dad. I honestly don't see much bump - it must've been early in her pregnancy. Thanks for looking! One Yellow Paper Collection Biggie
  5. mimes1

    dbh_thesunwillstillshine_kythe01 copy

    LOVE this! the bright colors but what mostly catches my eye is the double frame and the raffia holding the flower to the picture. So creative!
  6. mimes1


    The sketch treatment on the skyline part of the photo is awesome! The overlay in the corner is fantastic - and the perspective is certainly unique! Great Layout!
  7. mimes1

    newsletter challenge

    So pretty!
  8. mimes1

    Tues 9-4 NL Challenge

    So cool! I love the clean lines and the simplicity of this. Awesome layout!
  9. Reinvent Collection ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Blended Over Thanks for looking!
  10. mimes1

    Take 3 - Always!

    Always Collection LOVE this collection! The soft neutrals just take my breath away. So many themes can be used with this! Thanks for looking!
  11. mimes1


    Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  12. Good thing I upgraded to a larger EHD with all these sales! Thanks Angie!

    1. SodScrap


      Right?  I have spent mega bucks!  :D 

  13. Hi Amanda! I'm so sorry to have missed this challenge. It's wonderful that you are doing the Faith challenges and hope to contribute next month!
  14. mimes1

    Sneak Peek 08/31

    Oh oh, there goes my budget and it's only Monday!! Can't wait to see the whole reveal!