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  1. Sign me up! We're bringing the new puppy home next week and we're going to our daughters soon thereafter, (with all the dogs!), but I'm going to jump in anyway!
  2. Congratulations to all~Well done!
  3. This collection just jumped into my cart. I love the subdued tones. Your doggies look super cute!
  4. That cake is SOOOO cute!! And the layout turned out just as adorable. The blending, the scribbles, the bokeh spots, the swirl pointing the to title, make is all so very festive. I love the candle cluster in the corner. A really cute way to indicate which birthday it was for Lucy.
  5. mimes1

    No Photo

    Really pretty. I love everything about this!
  6. Your page came together beautifully! The photo treatment looks amazing, and your understated title is perfect and really makes your layout feel aged and elegant. The bright pops in the cluster and with the leaves, along with the blending of the background add to the festivity. You've merged the aged look with the festive look I guess is what I'm trying to say. Really pretty.
  7. I love the trees! The way you layered them for the background is so well done! Very creative.
  8. So bright and happy. The masking behind the lyrics with the frame looks really nice. Now I need to go find some cake.
  9. We must be related because Coffee helps me relax too. And we seek out local coffee shops when we travel too, so I appreciate what that feels like!! The progression of your photos is kind of cool - from broad, like I'm traveling with you somwhere unfamiliar, and then there it is! You found the local coffee spot! and then we enter and smell and see the coffee being poured. It's like I'm right there with you.
  10. Let The Sunshine In Collection Natural - Photo Masks ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Metro
  11. Tuesday LSL (I've been leaving love all along, here are a few. I marked it down as a freebie anyway) Jane Jane Mood Marilyn Right Now Alexi Mood Sue Laura H Keith Mood Diane Favorite Grace wvufan04 Kelly - favorite Marilyn Favorite Diane Plaid Grace Debby @alsoarty Andrea how do we get the layout to post the way you did up there in the intro? I suppose I should know this....
  12. A Million Little Things Paper Mini A Million Little Things Collection Biggie Just A Bad Day Alpha Pack ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Transferred I decided to make a simple cover for all my bingo layouts. If I have time I'll make another more AJ layout tomorrow.
  13. LOVE This! The blended city and countryscapes are perfect. The one way ticket is super cute. The MPH stamp is a perfect representation of slowing down. I can only imagine how excited you must be for this move.
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