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  1. So soft and pretty!
  2. Art journaling is so cool in that you can express the ying and yang so beautifully. Gorgeous symbolism, great blending, awesome layout!
  3. I love the textury look and feel to this. The journalling path along the blended photo is great, and the color palette fantastic!
  4. This is so creative and colorful! I love this!
  5. My Dad always would say "CYK" - which meant "Consider Yourself Kissed" I think about and miss Dad every day. Unbroken Collection Biggie Thanks for looking!
  6. It's been a challenging year! Visionary Collection Biggie Thanks for looking.
  7. So sweet!
  8. This is amazing!
  9. From Jennifer's new club released today! Erinn and her new pony -
  10. From Angie's Scrap Girl Club Effortless. Effortless Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Primavera Mark and I were at the Everglades last month. It was so neat to see all the different sub cultures there. So much fun. Thanks for looking!
  11. So pretty and easy! I may whip up a set too. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!
  12. I agree on what all the others have said - you have stumbled onto the BEST! I'd encourage you to look around and visit a while. If you have any questions at all any number of our team or community members will be sure to answer promptly! Welcome!
  13. Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  14. I love all the glitter combined with a clean design. So perfect!
  15. The background matches your renaissance theme perfectly! Nicely done!