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  1. On 6/14/2022 at 3:41 PM, April Showers said:


    • To be eligible for any of the 3 grand prizes, you must participate in all of the games and challenges and update your post to show they've been completed by midnight EDT Tuesday, June 29th. 
    • On Wednesday, June 30th, we will do a random draw from everyone who is eligible for the prizes.  


    @April Showers Now that we're getting down to the wire, can you confirm the day and dates of when things need to be in? Tuesday is 6/28. Does everything have to be in on Tuesday or Wednesday? thank you. 


    15 hours ago, Celestine said:


    20 Show me 2 things 1: a layout you created that you are most proud of  2: a layout someone from the gallery or a product page that you are in love with.  Please leave a link to the gallery or product page that you found the layout. 1) This Bride layout was one of my personal favorites. 2) I always enjoy looking at how mimes1 organizes her layouts and titles with such singular creativity, and Birds and Me is one that really illustrates that.

    Thank you @Celestine - I'm honored that you enjoyed my layout. 





    1 Do you use a desktop or laptop?  Desktop

    2 Favorite place to scrapbook?  At my desk on my desktop! LOL

    3 How often during the week do you find time to sit down and scrap?  Everyday, usually in the evening after my mom goes to bed. Sometimes I can leave a layout open during the day and I can pick at it. 

    4 What software do you use?  CC22

    5 How long does it usually take you to create a layout?  Some come together pretty fast, others not so much. On average I would guess a couple of hours?

    6 Do you have a favorite beverage or snack you have to have when you sit down to scrap? Definitely coffee. 

    7 Is there one digi technique you would really like to learn?  I'd like to understand blending better. I love the basics and use them all the time, but I'd like to graduate to more advanced, more artistic techniques. 

    8 Do you love to use mask? If so, do you find yourself blending photos or papers more?  Yes, I use both  - the more blending the better! 

    9 Do you like big and bold patterns or do you find yourself staying away from them? Big and Bold is good! 

    10 If needed do you recolor items to fit your layout or find the correct colored item from another kit? I do both - if the element is already on the page and I like it, and later decide it's not the right color I would recolor. If I'm looking for just the right thing in just the right color, I would find whatever suits. That's a non answer if I ever saw one! Haha.

    11 If you could sit down and scrapbook with 1 person who would it be?  That's kind of like making me choose my favorite kid. So many neat ladies at SG with so many interesting styles, and so many friendships made and more being developed!  I can't pick just one. Sounds like we need a meet up so we can all scrap together. 

    12 Do you stick with 1 kit when scrapbooking or do you mix and match? I almost always mix and match. 

    13 Where do you find inspiration for layouts?  Do you look through a gallery and scraplift or go to places like pinterest? I look at the gallery mostly, but I also go to Gallery Standouts. I've been doing more challenges this year, and I've scrapped photos that never would have been otherwise so thats inspiring to me too. 

    14 Layout templates…love them or leave them? LOVE them. Almost always start with them, but switch them up and combine to make each layout unique. 

    15 Do you budget what you can spend monthly on kits or if you love it do you automatically purchase it?  I pretty much automatically purchase - Don't tell Mark. My secret is safe in my small, tiny EHD!

    16 Do you like bright and colorful or more neutral colored kits?   I tend to go BOLD! 

    17 Do you keep your kits organized by the kit or do you break them up and have all papers in one place, flowers together, etc. I keep all my collections in tact. I'll store add ons or related components with the main collection.  

    18 Do you use styles?  If so what’s your favorite type of style to use?  What styles do you wish we had more of?   I do use styles. My most used is shadowing styles. I use them on virtually every layout. 

    19 Who are some of your favorite SG’s designers and why (maybe it’s because of their clean design style, maybe you love their papers, maybe you love the colors they design in)   I love the blended watercolor style of Carol Wenxin, I love the traditional style, with the super cute dolls,  of Blue Heart Scraps! I have practically every single thing Amanda FT has ever created, and Angies blended papers are the best. Kimeric is also one of my favorites. I love the color palettes she uses and the grunge elements. I could go down the list and name a unique favorite thing from pretty much every designer! 

    20 Show me 2 things 1: a layout you created that you are most proud of  2: a layout someone from the gallery or a product page that you are in love with.  Please leave a link to the gallery or product page that you found the layout.  A layout I'm proud of: Here, and a layout I love is @Jane in N.Z Jane's layout Here

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