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  1. Your page came together beautifully! The photo treatment looks amazing, and your understated title is perfect and  really makes your layout  feel aged and elegant.  The bright pops in the cluster and with the leaves, along with the blending of the background add to the festivity.  You've merged the aged look with the festive look I guess is what I'm trying to say.  Really pretty. 

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  2. We must be related because Coffee helps me relax too. And we seek out local coffee shops when we travel too, so I appreciate what that feels like!! The progression of your photos is kind of cool - from broad, like I'm traveling with you somwhere unfamiliar, and then there it is! You found the local coffee spot! and then we enter and smell and see the coffee being poured. It's like I'm right there with you. 

  3. Ohh! Your style has change so much! I love the energy of this page and the movement both within the photos as well as through the page! Your color palette is perfect for your photos and the large photo at the bottom really gives the viewer a sense of the beauty of the location. Thanks for joining the challenge!

  4. Look how subtly blended those men are to the left of the photo! Wonderful work. The gridwork and all the stamping bring so much interest to your background. Your Redo is nice - I like the more subtle colors that you chose. Your guys make for a handsome duo. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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