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  1. Hello my lovely Scrap Girls! After creating for digital scrapbookers for the past 15 years, I have decided it is time for me to retire. I am now officially old (60) and feel the need to take it easier and place less demands on my narrowing attention span. I need more time to spend with my grandchildren and gardens. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed meeting all of you and how I loved being a ScrapGirl. Thank you Angie for the opportunity and your never ending support. I wish you all great success in your lives and hope to see you around the vast interwebs. LOL. Drop into my store in the month of March for 50% off any of my goodies! xoxo
  2. Welcome Connie! I am a huge fan! ♥️
  3. Here are my goodies for the week:
  4. Happy November! :dancingchicken2:

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    2. alsoarty


      I wish this year was over already. Been horrible for me....

    3. Emily Abramson

      Emily Abramson

      23 hours ago, Marie-Christine said:

      Amazing club, :dancing-smilie:

      thank you!!! xo

    4. Emily Abramson

      Emily Abramson

      17 hours ago, alsoarty said:

      I wish this year was over already. Been horrible for me....

      Hope the new year is better for you. xo

  5. Happy Anniversary ScrapGirls!!

  6. 1. Night owl - Old lady likes her 10PM bedtime. *2. Believe in ghosts *3. Do you have a movie you watch over and over? Pride and Prejudice / Sense and Sensibility / Emma 4. Like spicy food - Old lady likes her Prilosec. *5. Had surgery - 2 C Section Babies / Tonsils 6. Have a tattoo - Chicken *7. Served on Jury Duty 8. Remember your Kindergarten teacher’s name 9. Been fired*10. Lived in more than 3 states - Texas - Michigan - Florida - Tennessee*11. LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee*12. Went on a vacation this year*13. Television Junkie - Couch Potato for sure*14. Still talk to High School best friend*15. Afraid of Dentist 16. Snuck into a movie*17. Been on TV or the radio*18. Stayed awake for 24 hours*19. Was a guest of honor at a surprise party*20. Read a book in a day
  7. I have some anniversary products on Tuesday in addition to a few new releases for Friday. Here's a peek.
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