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  1. Thanks. I will keep looking. The quote is an Audrey Hepburn quote. It is something along the lines of, "Nothing is impossible. The word says, "I am possible."
  2. I have something that I can't find in my hoard. I am looking for a Scrap Simple Word Art Brush. It is from a the Club, probably the spring of 2014. It is a quote, Audrey Hepburn, I believe. Something about a play on impossible and I am possible.
  3. If they were included in a Club, I might have them. I've been a SGC member since '05 and SGSSC since '07 or '08.
  4. Our youngest son will participate in Medieval Days at school next month. He has to make something to trade. One suggestion was bookmarks. Are there any products in the shop that would look like an illuminated manuscript from Medieval times?
  5. From the album Family Layouts

    I am trying to start scrapping again, and to use some old supplies. I have YEARS worth of SGSSC that hasn't been touched. I used elements from SGSSC June 2014 for this layout. Just another lazy Saturday for this family, dress rehearsal, recital and a pool party.
  6. A few pictures from Winter Storm Jonas and a week spent housebound. Very thankful for some great neighbors who are willing to come over for dinner, games and football.
  7. From the album 2012

  8. From the album 2012

  9. Have a new computer. Windows operating system. I am trying to load styles, etc. in PSE 10. I have the shortcut on the desktop set up. How and where do I delete the cache so that the new styles show up?
  10. Yeah, I think the CD player is done, too. I put in one of the end of year picture discs in to copy before the move. Couldn't be read, And, it also rejected several other discs.
  11. We have Verizon and Fios. Downloads are not an issue if I use a DSL cable. Just know that we picked the cheapest plan. And my Netbook is Windows XP. The desktop needs a new Internet and power card. So, not sure what is causing it. Still waiting on our car, and the roof leaks. I'll just limp along as best I can. Angie may be getting LOTS of emails from me.
  12. We moved back to the States from Germany in July. Internet changed a bit in the last three years. We are using Verizon and chose the cheapest plan. I am having problems downloading wirelessly. I have to plug in (and even then it might not download). Is the problem our plan of our computer?