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  1. For all the single ladies: We might not have "ONE" but we have lots of friends to love!

    1. candyK


      But there is Senor PSCS, whom we all love most of all! LOL

  2. Today was a sleeeepy day

  3. Went to bed feeling ill, woke up feeling brand-new, it's a miracle!

    1. Sherry Lynn

      Sherry Lynn

      Glad you are feeling better Sheri!

    2. Sheri Johnson

      Sheri Johnson

      Thanks Sherry Lynn!

    3. cyndals


      That's awesome!

  4. Well well, look who's up late again!

    1. Sara Arell

      Sara Arell

      Me too, sweetie - me too! What's with that? My pain woke me up and I can't get back to sleep -thank goodness for the all nighters at SG, huh? good to see a friend on here tonight (this morning) Hugs to you, sweet friend

    2. PolkaDot
    3. PolkaDot
  5. Had some great meetings & insights this week. Love life. <3

  6. Cleaning, cleaning cleaning! I like to start the new year off organized.

    1. AggieB


      let me send you my address - you would have a great time organizing my apartment (lol)

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      After you finish at Aggie's I'll send you my address, too, lol.

  7. How is everyone tonight? I hope you got some good scrap pages done today!

    1. Dotted


      I managed to get one page done which is pretty good for me!

  8. I really should be listening to Christmas music.

    1. AggieB


      I could hum for you....

  9. Looks like it's time to organize the old desk, I have about 20 sticky notes in front of me

    1. tiza126


      I have so many post-its and to-do lists and scribbled scrap papers on my desk. I should consolidate.

    2. AggieB


      I have this great little app - it's a sticky note that lives on your desktop screen. Mine is very long and I love it!

    3. Durin


      I want a huge bulletin board ~ but then it would probably get disorganized too, lol.

  10. Very cool, I love this! The Out-of-Bounds effect worked out so well!
  11. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. (Read: I can control myself and not eat the chocolate that I so desperately want!)

    1. scrappyjan


      Ha! You're stronger willed than I am!

    2. scrappyjan


      Ha! You're stronger willed than I am!

  12. Is it time for Christmas music yet? :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Becster


      Of course!! Bring on the carols!

    3. tiza126


      Umm... I've been listening to mine since Halloween

    4. Sara Arell

      Sara Arell

      Sure is - sing it girl - I started Jingle bells!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Scrap Girl family!

  14. I love the weight loss journal idea, very pretty too! Awesome job Emily.
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