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  1. kerryveale

    River Club, pg 1

    Wonderful layout--the green background paper sets off the pink blooms in the tree perfectly. I really like the borders on your photos.
  2. lovely layout--it sounds like a magical place to stay!!
  3. kerryveale

    Sled Puppies

    Great photo and layout, and I like your writing--so friendly and real!
  4. Beautiful layout with an Asian theme!
  5. amazing photo and elegant layout!
  6. so beautiful layout! I must put this museum on my list for Paris! That alpha is so perfect for "Paris"! This layout looks like the kind of art I would buy to hang in my home...
  7. I love your colors, your journaling, your inspiring thoughts!
  8. kerryveale

    My Bunch!

    What a beautiful family! I am so happy for you (I love stories of second chances!) Lovely layout, too!
  9. kerryveale

    This is You!

    such artistic balance in this layout! Adorable pics, and you made the perfect choices of embellishments and papers and word art to enhance your photos!
  10. You captured the moment perfectly with this sweet photo and your layout!
  11. Such an engaging layout! I would love to visit Longwood Gardens some day!
  12. kerryveale

    Swap for Eden

    what a warm and beautiful layout! You did a great job blending the papers
  13. Young Matthew is off to a great start! And what a lovely way to digitally preserve that paper book report!
  14. I love your quote and your explanation is exactly how I feel about scrapbooking! (And I like to think that Time Traveler is a classic collection that, even though it was released a while ago, will not ever go out of style)
  15. really clever corner arrangement with the herbs and the rest of it! this sounds delish!
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