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  1. Hi!

    Hi Angie! Welcome to our lovely community!
  2. welcome to our wonderful online community!!
  3. Hello Marcy! so glad you're back!
  4. Hi Sue! You're retired, so let the good times roll! So fun that you are going to be scrapbooking!
  5. Hello Nelleke! It is so nice to meet you... sounds like you are making many happy memories that you can scrapbook!
  6. Hello Cindy! Nice to meet you... it is lovely that your husband is supportive of your digital scrapbooking!
  7. Hello Nikki! Cute photo... you look like a fun and friendly addition to our wonderful online community!
  8. Hello Carol! So nice to meet you!
  9. Hello Vikki! It's great to have you here in our online community... I am also a Brandy Murry fan, and had a lovely time working with her on the Time Traveler collaboration a few years back. Of course, you have to hear her lovely southern accent to fully appreciate her charm!
  10. Hi Fontaine! It is so nice to meet you!
  11. Hi Karis! I used to print on fabric for fabric collages/art quilts but have not done it for several years since switching to a laser printer. It is my dream to print up some fabric and make a custom dress out of my designs!
  12. Hi

    Hello Sarah! It is so nice to meet you!
  13. Hello Julia! I am glad you have joined us here... it's a wonderful online community!
  14. Hello Merienda! It is so nice to meet you!
  15. Hi Joanne! I love your accent