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  1. mbc72

    Melanie Cockshott

    Images from Melanie's Layout Artist Gallery
  2. The gallery is full of beautiful iNSD layouts! Great job ladies.

  3. Beautiful new SGclub, Jennifer!

    1. JenniferZ
    2. englishrose


      So excited when it dropped into my inbox. Thankyou Jennifer!

    3. JenniferZ
  4. mbc72

    Swap for Andrea

    My grandma used to have these and my sister and I used them all the time, I just thought they were the "kid knives"! Sweet layout, Carol, Carla nailed the perfect adjective- homey, for sure.
  5. mbc72

    Swap For Diane 1

    Such a great souvenir, tiny, and don't take up much room! Beautiful layout to showcase them, Ann.
  6. mbc72

    Swap For Carol 600

    What a neat collection. Love the colors you used to scrap this, Carla.
  7. Wow, Diane this is awesome! Love your use of the Mets colors without making it too overwhelming. I am thrilled you were able to incorporate so many of the detail photos, as well. This will be a great addition to Shane's collection!
  8. mbc72

    For Carla

    Carla sent me some wonderful photos of some Rainbow Loom creations that Brooke makes- she's so creative, like her mom! Supplies: Template- Jen Reed (retired) Looming Rainbows Collection Biggie Style: Sticker Shock
  9. mbc72


    The orange and turquoise are stunning together! I will definitely have to give this color combo a try.
  10. mbc72

    La Seine

    Beautiful blending and great artistic title work.
  11. Beautiful sunny mask behind your photo, it really makes the picture pop!
  12. Lucky you to be able to watch these guys at your bird feeders! Great photos and pretty page.
  13. Great action shots, and the colors add so much vibrancy to your layout!
  14. I was so impressed with how you were able to catch the close up of the bird in your photo, then I read it was paper Still impressed with your lovely photo, and I really like the white papercutting mat behind it- beautiful.
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