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  1. mbc72

    Melanie Cockshott

    Images from Melanie's Layout Artist Gallery
  2. The gallery is full of beautiful iNSD layouts! Great job ladies.

  3. Beautiful new SGclub, Jennifer!

    1. JenniferZ
    2. englishrose


      So excited when it dropped into my inbox. Thankyou Jennifer!

    3. JenniferZ
  4. mbc72

    Swap for Andrea

    My grandma used to have these and my sister and I used them all the time, I just thought they were the "kid knives"! Sweet layout, Carol, Carla nailed the perfect adjective- homey, for sure.
  5. mbc72

    Swap For Diane 1

    Such a great souvenir, tiny, and don't take up much room! Beautiful layout to showcase them, Ann.
  6. mbc72

    Swap For Carol 600

    What a neat collection. Love the colors you used to scrap this, Carla.
  7. mbc72

    SG Club December

    Some quick tips on adjusting photos to use with this month's club: Quick Photo Edits
  8. mbc72

    Project Life 2016

    The details for PL2016: SG Project Life is a year-long scrapping challenge. The goal is to stay current scrapping the year. There is not a set form, you can take daily photos, scrap weekly layouts, monthly layouts or whatever works for you. SG Project Life is similar to a Project 52 or 365 which are year long challenges of creating 52 weekly layouts (one for each week of the year) or taking 365 photos (a photo a day) and documenting them. We don't want overwhelm anyone with daunting requirements so we simply give you the challenge to document your year then let you approach this project in a way that meets your individual goals. Here are some typical formats our members have chosen: One layout for each week of the year (single or double pages) A double page layout covering two weeks One layout (single or double paged) per month A monthly calendar style layout with or without a companion page. Scrap the significant events from each month-- some months with more pages than others. Use "Pocket Life" products to document your year. You can choose one of these formats or create your own. The way you go about it is really up to you; however, we do have a few requirements if you wish to participate in the "official" SG Project Life for 2016 and be eligible for the associated prizes. Requirements: You must post your layouts to the SG Project Life 2016 Gallery in order for them to earn points toward the quarterly drawings Your photos must be from the current year In order to receive the participation prize you will need to post 12 layouts (one for each month of 2016) in the gallery. If you are a hybrid or traditional scrapper, you are welcome to join the challenge too. Simply post photos or scans of your finished pages. Prizes: Quarterly Drawing Prize - Digital Layout Template Winners will be randomly drawn from members who post layouts to the SG Project Life Gallery. Each layout uploaded to this Gallery earns 1 point, a double page earns 2, with a maximum number of points for a month being 4. You may upload more than 4 layouts if you are catching up, but you will only get 4 points for that month. Each person who completes layouts for the entire year of 2016 (at least one layout for each month of 2016) will receive a participation prize for staying up to date! So, who's joining me? Here is the link for a button for those that want one: http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g409/mbc72/0116_PL16_Button_zps7zsr6cpu.png