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  1. Rustic Stitching Embellishment SSEmbellishment Template: Tear Away Edges Card Stock: Rustic Timber Paper Mini Card Stock: Burlap Paper Brush Set: Rubber Stamp Alpha Biggie Brush Set: Shipmate Overlays Biggie Burlap Tags Embellishment Mini
  2. Grandma's Garden Collection SSPaper Template: Textured Creases Mask
  3. Dynamic Brush: Chic Blenders Eve Collection Biggie
  4. Rustic Stitching Embellishment Burlap Tags Embellishment Mini SS Embellishment Templates: Tear Away Edges Cardstock: Rustic Timber Paper Mini Cardstock: Burlap Paper My Grandma's Garden Collection
  5. ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Serengeti Grown with Love Collection
  6. Beautiful new SGclub, Jennifer!

    1. JenniferZ


      Thank you!

    2. englishrose


      So excited when it dropped into my inbox. Thankyou Jennifer!

    3. JenniferZ
  7. Budding Collection Stacked Frames Embellishment Mini
  8. Rub A Dub Dub Collection Biggie Layout Template: Just Blend It
  9. Value Pack: Winter Timber
  10. Charlotte Grace Collection SS Type Paths: Brackets ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Clustered and Clean
  11. I used Cheri's great new templates to make a layout of Caitlyn's year in GGs. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Photo Book 5 True Love Collection Mini
  12. My grandma used to have these and my sister and I used them all the time, I just thought they were the "kid knives"! Sweet layout, Carol, Carla nailed the perfect adjective- homey, for sure.
  13. Such a great souvenir, tiny, and don't take up much room! Beautiful layout to showcase them, Ann.
  14. What a neat collection. Love the colors you used to scrap this, Carla.
  15. Wow, Diane this is awesome! Love your use of the Mets colors without making it too overwhelming. I am thrilled you were able to incorporate so many of the detail photos, as well. This will be a great addition to Shane's collection!