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  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. GORGEOUS LO! I love the blended photo! And, the cluster placed under the curled paper creates so much dimension. Thank you for using my collection to create such a wonderful memory about your very first home!
  3. ooooh ... I love the softness of this LO! The colors are go so well with the photos. You seem to have captured the warm moments of autumn -- just before everything gets crisp and cold! So pretty, Joyce!
  4. Loved the tut and LOVE this LO! Thank you so much, Rose Ann, for highlighting my club in such a wonderful way! mwah!
  5. YAY! A PHOTO OF YOU!!! Love that you scrapped it and am SO HAPPY that my club works for these special photos! Perfect retro feel to the LO. Love the ribbon and bow placement! I almost used "sparkly" font in the club ... it has the perfect retro feel!!! Love the use of the stars and atomic signs on the tag. Thank you for sharing this wonderful LO!
  6. What a beautiful photo, Belle! I just love the closeness and love that this LO shows us!
  7. I'm in agreement with everyone ... fab photo!!! That tilted perspective of makes me "feel" the motion and activity going on in this pic. It's a happy LO!
  8. Go, Belle, go! Love the perspective of seeing what the children are seeing.
  9. Loved the tut! These bags are great! Look out, Christmas gifts, here I come with wonderful bags for everyone!
  10. Oooh, we have coneflowers in our garden! They are so pretty and rather amazing to look at closely. Pretty LO with all of the flowers and different butterflies.
  11. Awwww ... you're welcome! My pleasure! Blesses me to see that you have used my collection for such a special event! I love the journaling! I rocked my babies in the rocking chair my mother had and I also rocked my granddaughter in the very same chair! Cute LO of the round baby bump with the repetitive circles and circle frame!
  12. kimmybutton


    Love this, Laurel! The cheerful, fun feeling it gives just makes me smile!
  13. How cute is this?! I LOVE that you journaled something that is a special moment and a viewer wouldn't know about it by looking at the photos!
  14. Love this double page spread! Somehow you have used all these photos and it just flows so nicely and doesn't look at all busy. I like the photo treatment you have applied. Looks great with the color palette. The pop of the strawberry is just the right touch with the photos and the "oink" on the pic is too cute! I can tell you are having fun! It shows!
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