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  1. ^-Scrap Angel-^

    ~Spash into Summer~

    Love the sparkles!
  2. What an accomplishment for your car! That definitely deserved a LO, great job! - You and the car
  3. ^-Scrap Angel-^


    Great LO! I feel calm just looking at it.
  4. ^-Scrap Angel-^

    First Flight

    This is a really great LO! Nice job I might have to try that tutorial
  5. ^-Scrap Angel-^


    Awesome choice of colors and a great composition!
  6. Very grungy! Great job, love the XOXO's
  7. Too Cute! The pink looks great with the black & white photos.
  8. ^-Scrap Angel-^


    verry pretty! Great pic, nic colors!
  9. BOLD BOW, love it! have to remember that
  10. Cute, great concept for a LO!
  11. ^-Scrap Angel-^

    My Son

    This looks great! So simple but bold, what scrapper's block?
  12. ^-Scrap Angel-^

    A World Apart

    Nice to see such a message in a LO! Thanks for sharing.
  13. ^-Scrap Angel-^


    Great colors, nice placement of everything!
  14. Great Pics! I really like the nautical stars at the top, nice tie in.
  15. Dogs are so great aren't they? Very Cute! great angles
  16. ^-Scrap Angel-^


    Cute story behind this LO, Great Job!
  17. It has a lot of dimension, great job!
  18. This is beautiful, I love it!
  19. This is GREAT! You inspired me, I just took some beach pics this weekend of my BF and his Bro this would be perfect!
  20. ^-Scrap Angel-^

    My Home

    Great Job! Sometimes you just look at something too long and it doesn't look right, had that problem all last week. Just don't even look at it for at least a few days, and I bet you will end up liking it!
  21. I know that's what I was gonna say! When I looked at this I felt like I opened up an old trunk with some scrapbook pages in it, nice job.
  22. I'm always a sucker for cat pics! But these are awesome, way to ham it up for the camera kitty. By the way nice LO too LOL!
  23. What a great photo! and it's never too late.
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