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  1. KBT

    Precious Moments

    This is a precious moment and wonderful layout!
  2. Shari- this is soooo sweet! I love these picture too
  3. Have a wonderful time! Wish I could join you!

  4. How do I always forget its THURSDAY! lol

  5. How do I always forget its THURSDAY! lol

  6. I love, love love this product Brandie! Another super winner from you BTW- what a sweetie she is!
  7. Hey all! Been a while... what

  8. Happy Monday Everyone!

  9. KBT

    My husband

    Love the fish bubble! Really cool effect for this photo!
  10. KBT

    Peace & Quiet

    Cute, cute kitties and I love the colors! Nice job on the shadows!
  11. I like the dynamic feeling to this version! Great journaling and really keeps my eye interested in moving around your page!
  12. KBT

    C is for..

    What a great photo! Love the treatment on it- with the bright colors showing through. Very cool~!
  13. KBT

    Movin' Up

    Cute, cute, cute Char! Great way to use your space!
  14. KBT

    Sat Color Challenge p1

    I love this 2 page spread! So fun and festive! The colors are great- the touches of black and white are really great!
  15. What a great compilation of photos and events to remember. The journaling tags are a fun way to get all the details!
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