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  1. scrapgran

    November Monthly Challenges

    Here is my November Challenge #3 Granny Flat L Granny Flat R
  2. scrapgran

    November #3 - Granny Flat R

    ATR SSDLOT PLSS EBA Bless This Nest Paper Yellow EBA Bless This Nest Solids Paper Black EBA Bless This Nest Word Art EBA Bless This Nest Alphas EBA Bless This Nest Embellishment Border
  3. scrapgran

    November #3 - Granny Flat L

    ATR SSDLOT PLSS EBA Bless This Nest Paper Yellow EBA Bless This Nest Solids Paper Black KVE Time Traveller Word Art
  4. scrapgran

    Weekend Challenge 11/2/19 BW In Road

    Great perspective. Love the quote & how you did the journaling.
  5. scrapgran

    2/11/19 - Newcastle Gateshead

    Yes Jane. We have just come home after 6 weeks travelling.
  6. scrapgran

    November 2nd Weekend Challenge

    I think I have finally kicked the jet lag so thought I would have a go at the B/W challenge. I have so many photos that would lend themselves to B/W but chose this one of the beautiful bridges. Newcastle Gateshead
  7. scrapgran

    2/11/19 - Newcastle Gateshead

    We drove into Newcastle and visited the bridges at Gateshead Quays/ The were amazing - a rail bridge, a lifting bridge, a walking bridge & a vehicle bridge. I was lucky to get such amazing reflections.
  8. We have arrived home after our 6 week trip. Very tired but thoroughly enjoyed it despite the miserable rainy, cold weather. We arrived home to beautiful sunny weather yesterday but today it is overcast & showery. Now to get over the jet lag. Progress on the Granny Flat slowed & it is not yet near completion.

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Welcome back, Laraine! I've been wondering about the granny flat and hoping it would be just about ready by the time you returned.  I can't wait to see photos from your travels!

    3. Marie-Christine


      Welcome home, travellers!

    4. Mikelle


      6 weeks of traveling, I can't even imagine!  Welcome home, rest up.

  9. Sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting for our flight to Split Croatia where we join up with our tour group in 2 days. It has been a long haul so far having an 8 hour flight to Hong Kong, a 5 hour stop over before a 12 flight to London. We stayed here last night before heading off again today.

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    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      have a great time and I know what that journey is like really well although its further from NZ

    3. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Safe travels! Thanks for checking in.

    4. mimes1


      My daughter went to Split this past June. Her tour started in Split and then they went on a boat up and down the islands there.  She had a great time and she said it was so lovely.  You'll have a great time.

  10. scrapgran

    Abc's Of Household Objects

  11. Got my new glasses but lost my mojo. Too much happening here at the moment. We leave in just over 3 weeks for 7 weeks in Europe & UK plus we are getting a Granny flat built on our sons property. We were hoping it would be almost done before we left as the build was due to commence on Aug 2. BUT the council took so long for the approvals building is not starting till next Tuesday. So it will be getting done while we are away and our son will have to be in charge. Hope it is to our specifications when we get back. Plus we have to transfer funds to his account so he can make the periodic payments as each section is completed. 

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    2. Marie-Christine


      Have a great trip and hope that everything is sorted by the time you get back so that you can settle in your new home real soon.

    3. ladyscrapalot


      Wow, how exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I do hope you are able to relax and enjoy your amazing trip to Europe, wow 7 weeks! Try not to worry or stress too much about the happenings while your gone.

    4. A-M


      I hope all goes well with the Granny flat and that you have a safe and wonderful time overseas.

  12. scrapgran

    6 Letter Words

    Wither. Next word begins with R.
  13. scrapgran

    Weekend Challenge August 17, 2019

    We passed through Rochester on our Canadian trip. Our tour guide lived there. Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding. A pity you can't get to Niagara Falls. They are amazing.
  14. scrapgran

    Weekend Challenge 8/17/19 Friends: Ngaire

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am just so sorry our time together was so rushed.
  15. scrapgran

    6 Letter Words

    Noises. Next word begins with S