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  1. scrapgran

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Thanks for another great month.
  2. scrapgran

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Task 24: I paper & 3 photos Task 25: 5 embellishments Clipart from internet x2 BMU Paint Sheers Embellishments x3 Task 26: Title & journaling added. Bridge of Sighs
  3. scrapgran

    JJ20 - Bridge of Sighs

    JRA I Love London Paper Brown Craft SNU SSDLT Mask Me altered Clipart from internet x2 BMU Paint Sheers Embellishments x3
  4. scrapgran

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Task 23: Speedbump 5 comments added on layouts in Hodge Podge gallery. doing a bit of catch-up as I had a surgery on my head again yesterday to remove a recurrent skin cancer. Still getting over the general anaesthetic. Hopefully I will get the last layout done.
  5. scrapgran

    Jumpstart Jan #5

    Lovely photos.your colours go so well with them.
  6. scrapgran

    Cozy Christmas PJ's

    How cool to have Christmas pyjamas. We don’t have any special traditions in our family.
  7. scrapgran


    Such a cute little chef. Love all your cooking embellishments & the curled paper.
  8. scrapgran

    JJ #3

    We don’t get hummingbirds over here. He is a lovely specimen. Love the background papers.
  9. scrapgran


    What a great photo. Love your moving day embellishments.
  10. scrapgran

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Task 21: At least 7 embellishments added. Task 22: Journalling & date added. Link Bridge
  11. scrapgran

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    Here is my 6th challenge Celebrate Tuesday Newsletter
  12. scrapgran

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 1/21/20

    Here is my Page of Celebration
  13. scrapgran

    Celebrate - State Finals

    Alistair’s team in the Marine Industry School Pathways Program were WA State Finalists in Re-engineering Australia SUBS in Schools Technology Challenge 2019 SNU SSDLT Don't Fade Away MRE Endless Possibilities Paper Blue MRE Endless Possibilities Paper Paint Blue MRE Endless Possibilities Nano Paper Yellow MRE Endless Possibilities Alphas
  14. scrapgran

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Task 17: 5 papers using a template BMU SSDLA Photobook BGB SG A Narrative Paper COL Green SG A Narrative Paper STI Blue Grid SNU Camille's Garden Paper Mini Painted Field BMU Paper Basic Linens Summer Green BMU Paper Basic Linens Summer Yellow Bright Task 18: 2 photos added - one in black & white Task 19: Alpha used from EBA Bless this Nest Task 20: All photos & files backed up