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  1. Your fairy garden was so sweet Marilyn. I am glad I got to see it. Jody was a wonderful inspiration to us all.
  2. I have one called Carnival Ride by STI but it’s not available any longer.
  3. That’s so funny. A very clever photo shoot.
  4. How cute is that. Love the explanations of his progress.
  5. Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to our beloved son, taken too soon. We had a lovely service attended by family & friends as well as a live stream for those who were unable to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions. Our daughter, my brother & their families watched on from Western Australia. Further investigations are being carried out as to the cause. We may not have answers for a few months if we ever do.

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    2. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      I am so very sorry to hear about this! Sending love, hugs and warm wishes!

    3. angleigh


      I'm so sorry to hear this

    4. GinnyW


      Oh I am so sorry! Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

  6. So pleased I finally found that jolly ice cream. Congratulations to all the other winners.
  7. Those look like rosellas. We use them for making jam in Australia. Lovely layout.
  8. I couldn't find the Ice Cream. I submitted mine but forgot to add my user name.
  9. 1 photo STI Broom Ride Paper Black DCA Amour Paper Damask Scroll GWH Autumn Hush Paper Tan JCO Aces High Bow GWH Cherry On Top Bowl VRA Batik Embellishment Paper Strip BMU Blue Embellishment Flower SG A Narrative JWH Flower KME Buttercup Alpha Set Font Gill Sans MT Condensed LCO Inked Edges Brush Set Dark Rough Corner
  10. What to wear - Pick 1 Sun Hat Zoo Snack - Pick 1  Ice Cream Animals to Visit - Pick 3 Lions Giraffes Pandas  Rides to Enjoy/Extras - Pick 1 Carousel What’s For Lunch? - Pick 1 Chicken Salad Souvenir - Pick 1 T-shirt
  11. Times aren’t conducive to joining all the chats but will try to get to one or two. I have written down all the time equivalents for Oz.
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