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  1. scrapgran

    Paddling Pool 1972

    Very cute photo.
  2. scrapgran

    W/end wildcard

    We are all arriving at the vintage title so why not post a more recent photo. 😀 I love the photo album & the chevron behind the title.
  3. scrapgran

    Weekend WildCard Challenge 1/19/19

    Here is my vintage page. My Dad & his family used to go to the beach for holidays. This photo was taken around 1930. Summer Vacation
  4. scrapgran

    January 19 - Summer Vacation

    My dad on holidays at Tewantin Beach, Queensland with his sister and maternal grandfather circa 1930. SNU Summer Passport Collection EHI Chic Embellishments2 paper Tan
  5. scrapgran

    It's Snowing Buttons

    Very festive & so many buttons.
  6. scrapgran

    JJ #3

    We are sitting here sweltering so am enjoying your cool page.
  7. scrapgran

    JJ LO 3

    Love the sand sculptures. We have them at Surfers Paradise every year.love your title.
  8. scrapgran

    Jumpstart January 2019

    Here is my Week #3 layout: The Simple Things
  9. We experienced the traditional life in the Mekong with a visit to the town of Angkor Ban. We got a glimpse into the lives of the local people with a visit to a family’s home and the opportunity to meet the family and discuss their life style. GWH Travelogue Paper Blue GWH Travelogue Paper Map ABR DLT Multi Photo4 ABR SS Paper Grunge It Up1 SRO Embellishment Botanical Edge CABRBR Sew Simple White stitching DCA Family Time Embellishment Boy ABR Everyday Moments Embellishment Paint Yellow ABR Everyday Moments Embellishment Button Grey ABR Everyday Moments Embellishment Button Tan MRE Endless Possibilities Red stitching JRA Making Waves Word Art The EBA Homebody Word Art Simple Things
  10. scrapgran

    The New Challenge Chase for 2019!

    Here is my layout for 14 January Newsletter Challenge.
  11. scrapgran

    Monthly Challenge

    Very nice.
  12. scrapgran

    Weekly NewsLetter Challenge

    Ooh! I love all you watering cans. That is a cute collection.
  13. scrapgran

    Jumpstart January 2019

    I have used JRE Brush Set Family Faces.
  14. scrapgran

    Australia Photo Book Dedication Page

    That page is just beautiful Marilyn. A lovely tribute to a wonderful lady.
  15. scrapgran

    New phenomenon

    Saw that on the news here in Australia last night. Definitely a new phenomenon.