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  1. My new laptop is ready for pickup. Hopefully my version of PSE will work because it is the same operating system. I also got them to back up my files onto a new EHD. Getting excited now.

  2. I have just discovered my zip files for all my purchases from 2007 to 2019 on the desktop computer that David uses. Happy days! :party-smiley-048:

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Woot!! :penguins:Happy scrapping!

    3. MariJ


      That's wonderful Laraine!   You must have been so happy to find them there.  Yay!   Hope to see you scrapping soon.  😊

    4. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Thats so good :) Happy Scrapping :) 

  3. After 10 years & 4 months I have had my final oncology appointment. No more pills for that & cleared by the doctor. Saying goodbye to the Big C. I hope we never meet again.

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    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      An answer to prayer :) its awesome news and a real reason to celebrate :) 

    3. scrapgarden


      That is awesome news. Congratulations on the beating the big C.

    4. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      You must be so thrilled. I have a friend who also had a ten year anniversary and wondered when she would ever be considered "out of the woods". It's a very grueling process. Congratulations! I hope you have a massive celebration.

  4. I have been MIA for a while. We were away in the caravan for 6 weeks catching up with all the family in the west. It was great to all (17) be together again after Covid has kept us apart for over 3 years. Also I have been pretty bummed at losing my EHD contents. Thanks to our wonderful Angie for sending me download links to my purchases. I have to now unzip & organise nearly 200 purchases. I had a lot of photos that I had saved to CDs & made photo books of all our travels but there are some that are lost for good. Soon I should be able to get back to scrapping.

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Hi there Laraine! :waving-hi: I'm glad you are back and that you had a good trip. That's awful about losing the contents of your EHD, but thankful for Angie and that at least some of what you lost could be regained.

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Glad you have been having a great holiday with family but that's awful losing your scrap supplies but isn't Angie great :) 

    4. alsoarty


      Good and bad, but we’re glad you’re back. How wonderful to see all your family.

  5. Hi Susan from a fellow Queenslander. Welcome to ScrapGirls. 👋🏻👋🏻
  6. You captured the falls beautifully & that rock pool looks very inviting. I like the little flower clusters.
  7. So many lovely photos to document the swimming lessons. Great double page.
  8. Lovely old photo. Lots of great embellishments & the perfect frame.
  9. Great photos. I love the arrangement of your page.
  10. scrapgran


    Great photo. I like your layered background.
  11. Beautifully done. A lovely tribute.
  12. Such a treasured photo. Very special.
  13. Lovely photo. They have had quite the adventure.
  14. Great treatment on the photo. A very heritage looking page.
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