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  1. scrapgran

    July 2018 Recipe Swap

    It is so cold here at the moment (37F which is darned freezing in Queensland) it is hard to think about outdoor eating. Some places have been down to 20F of a morning. Here is my recipe - Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs
  2. scrapgran

    scrapgran_ Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

    SJO Cabana Collection Paper KWE Bon Vivant Word Art
  3. Doesn't work for me. I used Carla's idea.
  4. Thanks. I was having trouble working out how to do this.
  5. http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Embellishment-Templates-Celebrate-2.html
  6. scrapgran

    June 2018 Recipe Swap

    Here is mine. Oven baked zucchini Fritters
  7. scrapgran

    Project Life 2018 June 1

    Love your fairy garden. It is much bigger than when I saw it.
  8. scrapgran

    May 2018 Recipe Swap

    Thanks for the recipes Conda. They look delicious.
  9. scrapgran


    A very refreshing sounding salad. Will enjoy this one for sure.
  10. scrapgran

    May 2018 Recipe Swap

    Here is my salad recipe. Roasted Pumpkin, Feta & Spinach Salad
  11. scrapgran

    Pumpkin Feta Spinach Salad

    JRA Luscious Linens Halloween Scream Paper SG Touch of Spice Paper KME Green SG Touch of Spice Embellishment JZI Border Mat Cluster
  12. scrapgran


    Have you tried upending it & giving it a good whack on the bottom? Sometimes stuff gets caught in there. Our IT person at work suggested this. It works well with laptops as well.
  13. scrapgran

    Build-a-Taco - True Blue

    He was in the car park of the National Park we were visiting. Investigating someone’s backpack. We are not supposed to feed them & they rarely attack or raid campsites.