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  1. scrapgran

    August 2018 Recipe Swap

    Thanks Conda. I received the link & downloaded & unzipped without a problem.
  2. scrapgran

    August 2018 Recipe Swap

    Here is my quick & easy appetiser recipe. Pepperoni Basil Tomato Puffs
  3. scrapgran

    Pepperoni Tomato Puffs

    BMU Basil & Co Marbled DEB Desert Sun Paper Cactus KWE Bon Vivant Recipe Card BMU Pretty Little Clothes Pins BMU Shabby Bakery Word Art From Kitchen BMU Bon Appetit Herbs Basil GWH Soups On Tomato
  4. scrapgran

    Salt Lake

    There is only water in these salt lakes during the wet season and as we are in the middle of a severe drought the lakes are dry & ths salt just sits there. It gets very smelly.
  5. scrapgran

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge, August 14th

    Here is my layout Salt Lake
  6. scrapgran

    Salt Lake

    BMU SS Paper BGBlenders4_6 ABR SS Embellishment Corner Them5 JRA Paper Mini Luscious Linens Earth Paper JRA Paper Mini Luscious Linens Air Paper2
  7. scrapgran

    Love You So Much

    The background is so pretty an perfect for the photo.
  8. scrapgran

    Tuesday Challenge 8/14/18 Blending: IN Barn

    I love your treatment of the photo Marilyn. I love those big old barns. Your blending is really great.
  9. scrapgran

    Long Drive across country

    Great page Andrea. So much blending.
  10. scrapgran

    Newsletter Challenge

    Wow! Great photos Jane. Your background is amazing.
  11. scrapgran

    Aug 14 NL Challenge

    I love your framing & how you blended the large photo into the background.
  12. scrapgran

    Country Life

    You have really captured the country feel in this page. Love the colours.
  13. scrapgran

    NL Challenge, August 14th

    What a beautiful photo. I really like your background blending.
  14. scrapgran

    Newsletter Challenge -Monarch Blending

    Lovely page Debby. I love the blended background.
  15. Just thought I’d pop in & say “hi”. We are on a 3 week caravan tour through the Red Centre of Australia. Currently we are at Uluru (Ayers Rock). Tonight we are doing a sunset viewing of The Rock, having dinner under the stars and then walking through The Field of Light. Great way to celebrate my 65th birthday. A once in a lifetime experience.

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    2. scrapgran


      Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. We are having a wonderful time.

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Happy Birthday and enjoy your holiday it sounds amazing :) 

    4. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      How lovely! That's a trip I'd love to do sometime! Happy 65th!